How To Get Rid Of Fused Eyebrows

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How To Get Rid Of Fused Eyebrows
How To Get Rid Of Fused Eyebrows

Video: How To Get Rid Of Fused Eyebrows

Video: How To Get Rid Of Fused Eyebrows
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The end of the 2000s brought back the fashion for a natural line of wide eyebrows. However, overgrown and hanging together in one line do not add grace to anyone. Both boys and girls want to get rid of fused eyebrows. There are several ways to deal with pesky hairs.

How to get rid of fused eyebrows
How to get rid of fused eyebrows


Step 1

Depilatory creams

Various depilation creams are widely available on sale. Their advantages include: the ability to use at home, ease of use, painlessness. However, this fairly affordable product also has disadvantages: most creams have a strong unpleasant odor, hairs are removed only above the surface of the skin, so the procedure will have to be repeated every few days.

Step 2

Wax or sugar hair removal

Removing unwanted facial hair is done with hot wax or sugar paste in a matter of seconds. The master in the salon will prepare the skin, apply the product and with a sharp movement remove it along with the hair follicles. The effectiveness of this method is obvious: for 2-4 weeks you will forget about the grown together eyebrows. And with regular repetition of the procedure, the hair stops growing altogether. There are small differences between the two methods: sugar is more expensive than wax, but less painful, in addition, it "takes" shorter hairs.

Step 3


In beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine there is such a service as electrolysis - removal of unwanted hair under the influence of current. This procedure, with a sufficiently high level of pain, provides a lasting effect (3-5 weeks) and complete elimination of vegetation after a course of procedures. The service is charged by the minute, so not much money will be spent on a small area between the eyebrows.

Step 4

Laser and photo epilation

If you are on a budget, try modern beam treatments. The flashes destroy the hair follicle itself, so in just a few procedures you will get rid of the accrete eyebrows forever.