How To Whiten Acne Spots

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How To Whiten Acne Spots
How To Whiten Acne Spots

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Often, rashes on the skin leave behind red marks, which give the face an uneven color and significantly spoil the appearance. However, a few restorative treatments can help whiten acne blemishes and improve skin condition. These are anti-inflammatory, absorbable and whitening masks, paraffin therapy, vitamin therapy and sunbathing treatment.

How to whiten acne spots
How to whiten acne spots


Step 1

In order not to deal with the restoration of skin from acne every time, take measures to prevent their reappearance. To do this, carry out an internal cleansing of the body, especially the gastrointestinal tract and liver. And with the help of steam baths and regular baths, free your skin from accumulated toxins and toxins.

Step 2

Adjust your diet. Eliminate acne-prone foods. And also provide your body with vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which often makes the skin susceptible to irritation and prone to breakouts. And at the same time with these measures, follow the procedures to whiten red spots from acne.

Step 3

Use paraffin therapy to eliminate red acne spots. Hot paraffin well warms up the deep layers of the skin, improves its nutrition by increasing blood circulation and helps to absorb acne. To achieve a positive result, do at least 20 procedures.

Step 4

Be sure to sunbathe. Ultraviolet light also improves the blood supply to the skin, has a bactericidal effect on it and helps to quickly eliminate acne marks by renewing the cells of the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis.

Step 5

Use a bleaching mask to remove acne blemishes. But do not apply them on the entire surface of the skin, but only on the acne marks. To prepare such a mask, mix 10-15 g of brewer's yeast with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (for oily skin) or milk (for dry skin) until the consistency of thick sour cream. Soak a cotton swab in the resulting mass and smear the acne marks with a greasy layer. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse off with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

Step 6

Also, to whiten traces of acne, use sour milk, kefir, sour cream, parsley, lemon juice in combination with yeast and hydrogen peroxide or on your own. Apply any products that have a whitening effect on top of acne marks.

Step 7

To dissolve acne and eliminate red marks after them, lubricate them with fresh aloe juice after evening and morning washing.

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