How To Remove Bags Of Tears

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How To Remove Bags Of Tears
How To Remove Bags Of Tears

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This is how the psyche of a woman works: she can cry from happiness or grief, from resentment or from emotion, or even just because of some trifle like a broken heel. Subsequently, excessive emotionality has to pay with red eyes and puffiness. And since it is impossible to go outside in this form, this redness and bags under the eyes should be urgently removed.

How to remove bags of tears
How to remove bags of tears


Step 1

The first step in the fight against puffiness under the eyes should be a contrasting wash. For several minutes, wash your face alternately with water of different temperatures, or apply alternately cold and hot tampons for half a minute. You can use ice cubes and frozen fruits or vegetables instead of cold swabs.

Step 2

Do eye gymnastics. First rotate them clockwise, then counterclockwise, blink quickly. Then close your eyes and relax several times. Now close your eyes, place your fingers on their outer corners and, pressing lightly, slide your fingers to the inner corners. At the same time, the eyes should look up. This exercise should be performed at least 20 times - it helps well against edema.

Step 3

The most common way to relieve puffiness is with tea lotions. To do this, moisten the tampons with cold tea leaves and place them on your closed eyes for 15 minutes. The second option is to freeze the brewed tea bags and apply them to your eyes for 10 minutes.

Step 4

It helps the use of various decoctions of herbs or ice cubes from them as lotions. Eyebright, chamomile, parsley, birch buds, mint, sage, calendula, or lime blossom will do. Recently, there are special herbal gel masks on sale - they also need to be kept in the refrigerator and used if necessary.

Step 5

From folk remedies for eliminating bags under the eyes, grated raw potatoes are well suited, which must be placed in gauze bags, squeezed, and then applied to the eyes.

Step 6

Also try special eye care products that contain caffeine, aloe, yeast, collagen, elastin, herbal extracts, or vitamin E. These products soothe the eyes and reduce swelling.

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