How To Get Rid Of A Milky Face

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How To Get Rid Of A Milky Face
How To Get Rid Of A Milky Face

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Whiteheads, which most often appear on the face in the cheeks, eyelids and chin, are called milia by doctors. Among the people, they are called "millet" because of the resemblance to millet grain. Miliums can be single or grouped in specific areas. To know how to get rid of the mildew on the face, you should know why it appears.

How to get rid of a milky face
How to get rid of a milky face


Step 1

If milia rashes are a persistent problem for you, get your health checked. Doctors associate the appearance of millet with dysfunctions of certain functions of the gastrointestinal tract and increased blood cholesterol levels. To reduce the likelihood of closed comedones, eliminate fatty, smoked, fried, and spicy foods from your diet.

Step 2

If everything is in order with the functioning of your internal organs, check the cosmetics you are using. Miliums are formed when sebum is not removed from the pores, lingering in the lobule of the sebaceous gland. Make sure that the cream you use on a daily basis is labeled “non-comedogenic”, meaning that the product does not “clog” pores or interfere with the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Step 3

Mud can also occur as a result of improper facial skin care. Even dry skin, on which closed comedones appear most often, needs a weekly peeling. This procedure makes the skin layer thinner, helps to remove dead skin particles and free pores from impurities. Do not neglect the use of exfoliators or scrubs. Apply masks based on clay, they also help in the fight against mildew.

Step 4

But, of course, only cosmetic products cannot cope with closed comedones. Do not remove milia yourself. At home, there is a great risk that by opening the milium, you will bring microbes into the open wound that will cause inflammatory processes.

Step 5

Contact a cosmetology clinic, a specialist will carry out all the necessary procedures professionally and in proper conditions. The method of removing closed comedones is to open the top layer of the skin covering the milium with a special needle and release the contents of the "clogged" pore. Before opening the milium and after it, the skin must be disinfected. To work with a group of miliums, which, at times, are very small, the hands of a professional are especially needed.

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