How To Cover Up Acne

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How To Cover Up Acne
How To Cover Up Acne

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If, before a solemn event or a meeting, a couple of traitorous pimples nevertheless appeared on your face, do not despair and spoil the whole mood because of them. Armed with several tools and memorizing simple rules, you can make them almost invisible. So how to properly cover up pimples?

How to cover up acne
How to cover up acne


Step 1

For starters, if the pimple is large and inflamed, use some trick: take a cotton swab, moisten it with eye drops and apply it to the pimple for a few minutes. It will cool inflammation and eliminate redness. A lot of tools aimed at urgent reduction of the appeared "enemies", such as point gels and creams, act no worse.

Step 2

It is necessary to apply a base - without it, the disguise will not lie flat and will not last long. You can use either a special makeup base or a mattifying moisturizer.

Step 3

Now proceed to disguise. Let's pick up a concealer: you can use a special greenish concealer to help eliminate redness. It is good if it contains an antiseptic or tea tree oil and may help a little to get rid of the unpleasant surprise. You can also use a camouflage pencil - the main thing is to choose a dense and non-greasy one. Most often, they contain anti-inflammatory compounds like salicylic acid, which means they will fulfill the double task of masking and treating.

Step 4

Now take a foundation and apply a very light layer on the pimple. Patting, not rubbing (rubbing is not only difficult to cover up something, but you can also spread the infection to the rest of the skin). Excess cream can be removed with a special sponge.

Step 5

Now you need to give an even matte finish - take a light powder, a brush and blend it well over your face. A uniform matte color without oily sheen will not focus on local inflammation, and the mask will last for a long time.

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