How To Get Rid Of Stagnant Spots On Your Face

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How To Get Rid Of Stagnant Spots On Your Face
How To Get Rid Of Stagnant Spots On Your Face

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If you constantly have acne, inflammation, and as a result - stagnant spots on your face, you will surely not be pleased with either meeting with friends or an offer to go to the cinema. Everyone wants to have fresh and clear skin. But how can you get rid of acne and stagnant spots on your face?

How to get rid of stagnant spots on your face
How to get rid of stagnant spots on your face


Step 1

Skin problems are most often experienced by young people under the age of twenty to twenty-five years. However, with improper treatment or even neglect of this problem, it will take a long time to deal with stagnant spots on the face. Therefore, start treatment as early as possible.

Step 2

Peeling and laser treatment help to get rid of problem spots on the face. A pinch massage has a good effect. But you can only do these procedures in a beauty salon.

Step 3

In case of problem skin, you should forever forget about the use of fatty creams or ointments based on lanolin.

Step 4

However, it is also possible to combat nasty acne and stagnant spots at home. Keep in mind that the manipulations must be carried out in sterile conditions, having previously treated the hands with an alcohol solution, since due to improper treatment of acne, stagnant spots are most often formed.

Step 5

First of all, cleanse your face. This should be done over a water bath. Wash your face well. Boil water, throw in two tablespoons of chamomile (for two liters of water). Bend over the pot using a towel or blanket. But be careful not to burn your face with the steam.

Step 6

After steaming, the pores will open. Prepare a mask based on the bodyagi. Buy bodyagi powder, white clay powder, and hydrogen peroxide solution at the pharmacy. Mix equal parts bodyagi powder and clay in a mortar. Then dilute them to a mushy state with hydrogen peroxide. Apply on face evenly for half an hour. Then wash off with warm water. This mask dries acne and helps fight inflammation.

Step 7

Yeast mask is also easy to prepare. For this you need 50 gr. dilute dry yeast to a mushy state with warm water. Apply the mask to your face until it dries. Rinse off with warm water. This mask nourishes the skin and tightens large pores.

Step 8

It is also recommended for problem skin to make gauze compresses with aloe juice. Purchase aloe infusion from your local drugstore. Make a compress of gauze by folding it in several layers. Punch holes for the eyes. Dip cheesecloth in aloe vera tincture and place on your face. Cover the top with a warm towel. Keep this compress on your face for thirty minutes. At the time of intense acne, do such compresses every day, then three times a week. When the skin condition improves, you need to carry out such procedures once a week.

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