How To Make Your Face Brighter

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How To Make Your Face Brighter
How To Make Your Face Brighter

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There are times when after a summer tan, the skin of the face has become very dark and this color does not suit your style or lifestyle, is incompatible with the position at work, in which case you can lighten the skin a little. In addition, in our time, a light and natural complexion is in fashion.

How to make your face brighter
How to make your face brighter

It is necessary

  • - raw potatoes
  • - cucumbers
  • - tomatoes
  • - lemon juice
  • - almonds
  • - milk
  • - wheat
  • - cottage cheese
  • - honey
  • - oatmeal
  • - cane sugar


Step 1

To get rid of a dark complexion, you can make a grated potato mixture. Raw potatoes are good for lightening your skin. To do this, grate raw potatoes, put on cheesecloth and apply to tanned skin for 15-20 minutes. After the end of the procedure, wash with cold water. For best results, repeat the procedure for 10 days.

Step 2

Cucumbers and tomatoes can be used in the same way. For a more effective result, you can mix the resulting consistency with lemon juice.

Step 3

Raw almonds mixed with milk will help lighten the face. To do this, dip 4 almonds into a glass of milk overnight. Grind the resulting mixture in the morning and apply on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water. Almonds and milk will help not only get rid of sunburn, but also make your skin more beautiful.

Step 4

Wheat mixed with cottage cheese will also help get rid of sunburn. But such a recipe should be carried out regularly for 2 weeks.

Step 5

To lighten the skin of the face, you can use various creams and scrubs, but at the same time they should consist of natural and safe ingredients. If you do not trust the scrub companies, you can prepare it yourself and at home.

Step 6

For example, a rather simple recipe for a homemade scrub for lightening the skin of the face: honey, oatmeal, milk and brown cane sugar. After mixing all the ingredients and making a paste from it, apply it to your face, so you can achieve exfoliation of tanned skin.

Step 7

For a beautiful complexion and fair skin, you must adhere to a healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and get enough sleep.

Step 8

You can artificially lighten your face using foundation and light-colored powder. This method will make the skin light quickly, but, unfortunately, requires daily use.

Step 9

Lightening your face is quite simple and painless. Carrying out procedures at home from the products we know, you can achieve the desired result in just 10-15 days.

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