How To Remove A Mustache

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How To Remove A Mustache
How To Remove A Mustache
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Facial hair is a punishment for women. Usually, antennae above the upper lip grow in older women during the period of extinction of the reproductive function of the body - menopause. This happens as a result of changes in hormonal balance. But sometimes young girls have such a surprise of nature, which brings them many inconveniences. How can you remove the antennae?

How to remove a mustache
How to remove a mustache


Step 1

Usually, tweezers are used to remove the mustache, but this is far from ideal. Firstly, it is very painful to remove each hair with tweezers, secondly, dark bristles grow soon, and thirdly, small colorless hairs are pulled out, and they grow again coarser and darker.

Step 2

Waxing (waxing) is no better than the previous method, however, the hair is pulled out at once, but just as well grow after a week. Ready-made wax strips are available commercially. You just need to warm them up, put them on the skin and pull them back sharply.

Step 3

Sugar hair removal (shugaring) is quite feasible at home. The procedure is painful, but for the sake of beauty you will have to endure. It is not difficult to cook a mixture for shugaring. You will need granulated sugar and water in a ratio of one to ten, a little lemon juice. Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, cook a little more until a brownish color appears. To check if the mass is ready, roll a couple of drops with your fingers, if the ball rolls down, then you can begin to remove the mustache. Roll the sugar ball into hairs and pull it off. Lubricate your skin with cream.

Step 4

One of the ways to solve the question of how to remove antennae at home is to use depilatory creams. This cream can only be used by those who do not have allergies. The action of the cream is to destroy keratin, so the hair is quickly removed. In addition, regular use of depilatory cream gradually destroys the hair follicle, hair growth slows down and stops.

Step 5

But the most effective methods against a woman's mustache are salon procedures: electrolysis, laser hair removal, bioepilation, photoepilation and quantum hair removal. All these procedures are very popular and will help remove tendrils for a long time.

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