How To Dry Acne

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How To Dry Acne
How To Dry Acne

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Pimples on the face are caused by infection in the pores of the skin. They distort the face and often leave behind scars. You should not try to squeeze them out, it is much better to just dry them and they will pass without a trace. Thorough hygiene will help to avoid the formation of acne, but if they have already appeared - it's okay, a little effort and clean skin will shine with a healthy glow again.

How to dry acne
How to dry acne

It is necessary

  • -means for washing
  • -alcohol
  • -iodine
  • -vatny disks
  • -cotton swabs
  • -antibacterial cream


Step 1

Wash thoroughly using products containing active ingredients. Better to get an antibacterial wash gel, which you can buy at any drugstore. It is not recommended to wash with ordinary soap, it is from it that the natural balance of the skin is disturbed, and, accordingly, pimples appear in the most inappropriate place.

Step 2

Take a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol, which is diluted to 70 degrees. You can use it not diluted, but this way you can not only dry acne, but even burn the skin. If you're not going anywhere, grab regular iodine and a Q-tip.

Step 3

Hold a cotton pad soaked in alcohol in the area of ​​acne formation for 2-5 minutes, at which time a feeling of warmth should appear. If you decide to use iodine, soak a cotton swab and hold it on the pimple for a few minutes. Iodine not only dries well, but also penetrates deep into the tissues and dissolves the pus that forms under a thin layer of skin in the area of ​​the pimple.

Step 4

After such a procedure, do not apply the cream on your face for several hours. If you can't stand the feeling of tight skin, use an antibacterial salicylic acid cream or regular aftershave.

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