How To Enlarge Your Face In

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How To Enlarge Your Face In
How To Enlarge Your Face In

Video: How To Enlarge Your Face In

Video: How To Enlarge Your Face In
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If your face seems too narrow, long and thin to you, then you can apply a few tricks to correct this flaw and make it a little fuller and wider. This can be done in different ways - both with the help of makeup and with the help of hairstyles.

How to enlarge your face
How to enlarge your face


Step 1

Start with your hairstyle. Long, drooping and elongated-sleek hair makes him painfully thin and rather emphasizes his narrowness. So feel free to add volume to your hair! Lush curls and styling is what will suit your face and make it visually a little fuller and wider.

Step 2

Make bangs - it is better if straight and thick enough, which you will style with a round large brush and give it puffiness and volume. It will also make the face look less elongated. Lush graduated bangs, as well as asymmetric ones, look good. The main thing is not to make them too short.

Step 3

If your bangs are long enough, then you should lay them on one side and make them slightly bulky. In no case do not divide it in the middle of the forehead: this will give the elongated face sharpness and sad tragedy.

Step 4

The ideal hair length for girls with thin, elongated and lost faces is roughly from the ear to the mid-neck area. A curvy bob with side bangs is a wonderful hairstyle that balances out a small and narrow face.

Step 5

With makeup, you can also make your face a little fuller: take a light tone or powder and apply on the spaces of the forehead and between the eyebrows - this will make the face a little wider by visually increasing the space between the eyes.

Step 6

Be sure to apply some reflective powder to the area around the nose, under the chin, and highlight the area just below the cheekbones, this will help make the face a little shorter and fuller.