How To Slow Down The Growth Of Facial Hair

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How To Slow Down The Growth Of Facial Hair
How To Slow Down The Growth Of Facial Hair

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Hair on a woman's face is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Starting at puberty, this type of hair can start growing on the chin, upper lip, or cheeks. That is why every woman wants to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies available to help slow the growth of unwanted hair.

How to slow down the growth of facial hair
How to slow down the growth of facial hair


Step 1

Talk to your doctor before using any treatment that slows down the growth of facial hair. After all, excessive hair growth on a woman's face can be a sign of a serious health problem.

Step 2

So, in order to reduce facial hair growth, eat only wholesome and healthy foods. Experts recommend a diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy vegetable oils and lean meats, and also advise drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. With the help of such nutrition, your weight will decrease or remain at the same level. In turn, weight loss helps lower the levels of hormones in the body that are responsible for the growth of facial hair.

Step 3

Drink one cup of mint tea twice a day. It will lower testosterone levels in your body and thus help reduce facial hair growth.

Step 4

Every day, treat the surface of your face with a natural scrub and wipe it down with a plant-based toner. Dermatologists claim that it helps to reduce the rate of hair growth.

Step 5

Mix in equal proportions: turmeric, water and chickpea flour to make a thick enough paste. Apply the resulting mixture to the areas of your face where hair is growing. When the mask is dry, gently remove it from your skin. If you do this mask regularly, the hair on your face will grow much slower or disappear altogether.

Step 6

Use depilatory creams that are specifically designed to remove facial hair. As a rule, manufacturers produce many creams that have the property of gradually reducing hair growth with their regular use.

Step 7

Waxing is also an effective treatment for reducing facial hair growth. This is a rather painful method, but it gives a fairly long-term result. When hairs are pulled out, their root is damaged, which contributes to the growth of the thinnest and weakest hairs or their partial cessation of growth.

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