How To Get Rid Of Inflammation On The Face

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How To Get Rid Of Inflammation On The Face
How To Get Rid Of Inflammation On The Face

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Problematic skin with inflamed areas brings a lot of problems to its owner: makeup does not fit well on it, often it even causes physical discomfort, let alone a spoiled mood and complexes.

How to get rid of inflammation on the face
How to get rid of inflammation on the face


Step 1

Skin prone to pimples and local foci of inflammation requires careful care. It should include all the elements of skin care of any type: cleansing, toning and mandatory moisturizing. However, there are several subtleties in caring for inflamed skin.

Step 2

It's worth starting with cleansing. Try to choose products with anti-inflammatory elements that do not irritate and dry the skin. It is better if you choose products with antibacterial natural extracts: chamomile, calendula, as well as moisturizing and soothing ingredients. A gel or soft foam will be your best allies.

Step 3

If you have a lot of inflammation, it is unlikely that you should actively use scrubs or other products with exfoliating particles. At least - it should be done very carefully so as not to touch the foci of infections. The fact is that the microparticles of the scrub can leave microscratches on the skin, which do not pose a danger in the case of healthy skin, but for problem skin it can end very sadly: an infection spread and trapped in the pores can cause more extensive areas of inflammation.

Step 4

The tonic or lotion must also contain astringent and disinfecting ingredients, such as salicylic acid.

Step 5

Moisturizing is necessary to maintain the defenses of the skin, as well as in order not to provoke increased sebum secretion. It should be applied on healthy skin, and inflamed areas should be dealt with locally.

Step 6

For example, tea tree oil is an excellent and proven remedy - it effectively kills microbes, and also promotes healing of the skin, because inflammation very often leaves behind unpleasant wounds and marks. It should be applied pointwise, otherwise irritation and overdrying of the skin cannot be avoided.

Step 7

Means containing zinc and the aforementioned salicylic acid fight inflammation quite effectively. They are able to kill microbes in a short time and quickly dry out inflammation, reducing their size.

Step 8

For emergencies, you can use eye drops - they narrow blood vessels and save you from redness, and also reduce the size of inflammation in size.

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