How To Refresh Your Face At Home

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How To Refresh Your Face At Home
How To Refresh Your Face At Home

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Every day our face experiences many stresses: strong wind, rain, snow, frost, the consequences of a bad ecology, etc. This often makes the skin look tired and aged. Procedures in beauty salons help to give the face a fresh look. However, it is quite expensive to do this, and there is not always time for them.

How to refresh your face at home
How to refresh your face at home

It is necessary

  • - 2 tbsp. l. hot milk;
  • - 1 potato;
  • - eggs;
  • - Hercules;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - 2 tsp honey;
  • - 0.5 cups of curdled milk;
  • - 1 tsp leafy green tea;
  • - sour cream;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. rice done;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. buckwheat.


Step 1

You can also refresh your face at home. Such events are considered quite effective and do not take much effort, time and money. All products consist of natural ingredients, therefore they are absolutely harmless to the body.

Step 2

One of the popular recipes for beauty is a potato mask. Boil the root vegetable in the peel, peel and mash. Add 2 tbsp to the gruel. l. hot milk and one egg yolk. Apply the resulting mass warm to the face and neck, cover with a towel and leave for 20 minutes. After a lapse of time, the product is washed off first with warm and then cold water. It is applied 2-3 times a week or as needed.

Step 3

Refreshes facial skin and sour milk mask. To prepare it, grind 2 tsp. rolled oats in a coffee grinder and mix with 1 tsp. cottage cheese, honey and half a glass of yogurt. The mixture is applied in a thick layer and kept for 15 minutes. Then it is removed with cold water.

Step 4

Tea mask is no less effective. In this case, 1 tsp. leaf green tea is mixed with 75 g of mayonnaise. The mass is applied to the face and neck for a third of an hour, washed off with warm water, and then treated with a moisturizing alcohol-free tonic.

Step 5

Protein mask perfectly refreshes the skin. Whisk one egg white and add 3 tbsp. l. sour cream and half a glass of cottage cheese. Apply the resulting mixture to your face for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash with warm water.

Step 6

Relieves skin fatigue and cleanses it with a mixture of oatmeal, rice and buckwheat, taken in 1 tbsp. l. Add 1 tsp to the prepared mass. honey and pounded yolk. After 20 minutes, remove the applied mask with warm water. Then apply a compress of chamomile infusion on your face. A similar folk recipe is applied 10 times with an interval of 3-4 days.

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