How To Get Rid Of Age Spots From Acne

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How To Get Rid Of Age Spots From Acne
How To Get Rid Of Age Spots From Acne

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Acne marks remain on the skin not only as a result of squeezing them out - sometimes large inflammations after opening leave noticeable spots, even if they are treated according to all the rules of dermatology. There are several ways to remove age spots from acne.

How to get rid of age spots from acne
How to get rid of age spots from acne

It is necessary

  • - bodyag;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - green clay;
  • - rosemary essential oil;
  • - lemon or cucumber juice, tea tree oil, garlic;
  • - medical paraffin.


Step 1

Make a mask out of the body. The mask has a whitening effect, use it correctly: mix 4% bodyagu with hydrogen peroxide until the mixture acquires a mushy texture. Apply the mixture to the areas to be lightened with a sponge or cotton pad. Wait for the composition to dry and wet the skin with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the moistened mass into the skin for five minutes. Remove the mask with warm water. After the procedure, redness may appear on the skin, so you should soothe the tissues with a white clay mask.

Step 2

Use the lightening properties of clay. Mix a tablespoon of green clay and three drops of rosemary essential oil, dilute the mixture slightly with water. Stir until creamy and apply to acne spots. Remove the mask after ten minutes with a damp cotton swab.

Step 3

Whiten stains. Of the homemade recipes for bleaching age spots, the most effective are the lubrication of the skin with lemon or cucumber juice, tea tree oil. Apply intensive preparations only pointwise so as not to damage the surrounding tissues. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water (1: 3) and wipe the pigmented skin with the prepared solution twice a day.

Step 4

Cut a clove of garlic and rub the sliced ​​side over the stains. Lubricate age spots with alcohol tincture of calendula. Prepare a decoction of parsley (fresh bunches or dry herb work well), freeze it in the freezer, and rub your face with ice cubes in the morning.

Step 5

Do paraffin baths. Medical paraffin must be melted and applied with a cotton swab to age spots. After drying, it can be removed and the skin is lubricated with a nourishing cream.

Step 6

Remove deep age spots in a beauty salon. If home remedies have not helped to cope with age spots after acne, you can try highly effective salon treatments - chemical peels, mesotherapy, phototherapy, laser skin resurfacing. Several procedures performed and careful adherence to all the features of skin care after them will help to permanently get rid of age spots after acne.

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