How To Tighten The Contour Of The Face

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How To Tighten The Contour Of The Face
How To Tighten The Contour Of The Face

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At any age, women dream of having a beautiful, well-groomed face without bags under the eyes, without sagging cheeks and eyelids. They want their skin always to be even, radiant and healthy. Unfortunately, with age, certain changes occur in the structure of the skin, facial muscles are weakened, and the water-lipid balance in the cells is disturbed. Of course, all this does not affect the appearance in the best way. But all these changes can be stopped if you take proper care of your skin, massage, exercise your facial muscles, etc.

How to tighten the contour of the face
How to tighten the contour of the face


Step 1

You can tighten the face contour using various creams, masks, serums. The modern cosmetic industry produces a huge number of products designed to care for aging skin. The composition of such products includes vitamins and minerals, which, saturating the skin with useful elements, tighten, make it more elastic, give radiance and health. For the best effect, use creams, serums and other products from the same series so that they enhance each other's action. But change your cosmetics periodically, as the skin gets used to them and their effectiveness decreases.

Step 2

Take good care of your skin. Do not forget to cleanse it in the morning and before bedtime, nourish, moisturize. In the morning or in the evening, wipe your skin with a piece of cosmetic ice, which improves tone, has a micromassage effect, and allows you to keep muscles elastic. This tool is good because it can be made at home. You can freeze various herbal decoctions. For example, green tea ice has a tonic, firming and rejuvenating effect, suitable for all skin types. Ice made from diluted lemon juice or mint water has the same properties.

Step 3

Special exercises will also help to tighten the face contour. Inflate your cheeks and close your lips tightly so that the air does not escape. Now place your palms on your cheeks and press on them with your hands. In doing so, you should feel resistance. Do this exercise for a few seconds, then relax, take a break, and repeat again. If you regularly do this exercise, then over time you will notice how your face has become more toned. The following exercise helps to fight sagging cheeks, chin, wrinkles. Fold your lips in an "o" shape. Press your tongue as tightly as possible to your cheek and slide it over it. Make about 20 movements with your tongue, then repeat on the other side of your face. Make vowel sounds while actively articulating with your lips. Do this exercise for a couple of minutes every day, and the result will not be long in coming.

Step 4

Laugh. While laughing, about 80 muscle groups work, including the facial muscles. As a result, they are strengthened and toned, in addition, wrinkles are smoothed out. Therefore, smile more often, as it is beneficial not only for your appearance, but also for your emotional state.

Step 5

If, for some reason, home conditions do not work out, then you can resort to plastic surgery. You can tighten the face contour as a whole or its individual parts, for example, remove sagging cheeks or chin, get rid of bags under the eyes. Indications for surgery are deterioration of facial contours due to a decrease in collagen content in skin cells. The effect of the operation lasts for several years, then it will be necessary to carry out repeated plastic surgery. Contraindications: diseases of internal organs, infectious and oncological diseases, blood clotting disorders.

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