How To Remove Inflammation On The Face

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How To Remove Inflammation On The Face
How To Remove Inflammation On The Face

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Many women and men have to deal with various facial skin problems. But no one seriously thinks about what may be the cause of inflammation on the face, although this problem most often occurs at a young age. What should be done to relieve inflammation on the face once and for all?

How to remove inflammation on the face
How to remove inflammation on the face

It is necessary

  • - plantain leaves;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - medicinal chamomile;


Step 1

If you have inflammation on your face all the time, you should monitor your diet. Eliminate ketchup, chocolate, hot spices from the diet. Replace salads with mayonnaise for fresh vegetables that do not require seasoning or additives.

Step 2

Take a closer look at the changes in your skin after canceling some meals. It is possible that the cause of the inflammation is an allergy to certain foods. Sometimes inflammation on the skin can be a signal of the intestines about a lack of milk nutrition. Include dairy products in your diet and watch the changes with your face.

Step 3

If the reason lies in the skin itself, then it should be “fed and treated” with natural remedies. It is very easy to relieve inflammation on the face using plantain leaves or fresh cucumber skin. Before starting this procedure, wash with soap or cosmetic milk for oily skin. Carefully wipe off any remaining moisture from your face with sanitary napkins.

Step 4

Wipe your face with a swab dipped in a special product that does not contain alcohol. Tear the leaves of the plantain or the skin of a cucumber (weighing no more than 50 grams) finely, add a teaspoon of glycerin, mix until a gruel is formed. Apply the resulting mass to a previously cleansed face and keep it on for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5

After that, remove the remnants of the mask with a sterile swab and wash your face with a warm decoction with the addition of medicinal chamomile flowers. This procedure is best done at night. If you feel tightening, apply a thin layer of oily skin cream without lubricating the inflammation. You can repeat the procedure after another two days and, seeing improvement, continue for 10 days. If you follow the diet and use natural remedies in order to relieve inflammation on the face, your skin will be soft and velvety.

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