How To Remove Enlarged Pores On The Face

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How To Remove Enlarged Pores On The Face
How To Remove Enlarged Pores On The Face

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With oily skin, the pores are stretched from the sebaceous plugs formed in them. Because of this, the face looks repulsive, and the plugs themselves, consisting of secretions and dirt, can cause acne and even serious inflammation. Accordingly, if you want to look beautiful and well-groomed, the problem of enlarged pores must be solved.

This is what enlarged pores look like
This is what enlarged pores look like

It is necessary

  • Cleanser;
  • Cleansing masks;
  • Masks that tighten the pores;
  • Cream for problem skin.


Step 1

One of the most important steps towards perfect skin is cleansing. Be sure to use a cleanser and toner every day. Products for oily skin usually contain substances that reduce sebum production and slightly narrow pores, as well as prevent acne. But cleansers alone are not enough.

Step 2

An exfoliating scrub should be used about twice a week. After removing the upper, dead skin layer, the lower, more elastic one opens. Due to this, the pores become smaller, because the skin becomes more elastic, the holes are better tightened. In addition, with regular use of the scrub, the pores are easier to steam and clean.

Step 3

The next important step is to cleanse the pores from the accumulated sebum. At home, this can be done with warm colored clay masks. To enhance the effect, you can dilute the clay not with water, but with a decoction of medicinal herbs, and also add a couple of drops of essential oil - it has a porosizing property. Such masks are not recommended to be done more often than once a week and in no case should they be used on the same day with a scrub. If there are burst blood vessels, infiltrates or wounds on the face, then it is better to refrain from using warm masks at all - until the problem is eliminated.

Step 4

In addition to cleaning the pores, they need to be narrowed. This can be done with masks containing zinc, creams, and medicated lotions. It is recommended to do a zinc mask no more than twice a month, it cannot be combined with a cleansing procedure and peeling. By itself, this mask is very aggressive, the skin may burn a little, redness is possible, which will last for several hours. This is normal, but you need to find a convenient time for the procedure, as you will hardly want to appear in public with red spots on your face. In addition, no decorative cosmetics should be used for six to seven hours after the procedure.

Step 5

The most effective are salon products: professional skin cleaning, chemical peeling and laser resurfacing. These procedures will cost you more than home masks, but they are performed by professionals and are very effective.

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