How To Remove Antennae In Women

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How To Remove Antennae In Women
How To Remove Antennae In Women

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The male hormone testosterone also plays an important role in the female body. In the necessary doses, it maintains the figure in excellent shape, but with hormonal imbalance, a woman may appear antennae. There are several ways to get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon, but it is still better to solve the problem at the root, and not to eliminate only visible signs.

How to remove antennae in women
How to remove antennae in women


Step 1

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the antennae is to shave them off. But this will not bring long-term results. The antennae will begin to grow back within a few days, moreover, they will become very tough. It is unlikely that you need it.

Step 2

The result lasts a little longer when using a depilatory cream. Use a product for sensitive skin to avoid irritation on your face. Apply the cream to the problem area, hold for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Remove antennae as they grow back. It should be noted that the structure of the hair is not disturbed, in contrast to the shaving procedure.

Step 3

Wax strips help solve the problem quite well. Place the strip firmly on the hair growth zone, smooth with your hand and pull quickly. One drawback is pain, because the hairs are pulled out by the roots. The vegetation will reappear on the face in about a week.

Step 4

If you have an epilator, use it. After removing most of the hair, pluck the remaining hair with tweezers or use a wax strip. This is perhaps the best option. The hair will not only not deteriorate the structure, but they will grow back very slowly.

Step 5

Photoepilation will help to permanently get rid of the hair above the upper lip. Consult your doctor or a beauty parlor specialist about possible contraindications. After the procedure, the vegetation will cease to appear at all.

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