How To Remove Thick Cheeks

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How To Remove Thick Cheeks
How To Remove Thick Cheeks

Video: How To Remove Thick Cheeks

Video: How To Remove Thick Cheeks
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The reason for the appearance of chubby cheeks can be the wrong balance of fluid in the body or a peculiar shape of the cheekbones. You should not try to remove chubby cheeks with slimming creams - this can cause irritation and will not give the desired results.

How to remove thick cheeks
How to remove thick cheeks


Step 1

The cheeks can appear thick due to the excess fluid in the body. You can easily correct the contour of the face and remove the cheeks, regulating the water balance in the body. This can be done with the help of diuretic herbs or by eliminating hot spices and salt from your diet. A little exercise and a normal sleep schedule will also help restore fluid balance.

Step 2

A good remedy for correcting the shape of the face is the Japanese massage assahi. It prolongs the youthfulness of the skin, evens out wrinkles and improves the tone of the facial muscles. As a result, the shape of the face is corrected and the cheeks are reduced. The most effective assahi exercise: bend your elbows, place your palms on your cheeks and pull slightly to the sides, then run your hands along your cheeks and neck. The exercise should be done two to three times a day.

Step 3

Try this exercise: take a deep breath, draw air in your mouth, and close your lips tightly. Now place your palms on your cheeks and apply pressure, trying to resist this pressure. Repeat the exercise 7-8 times.

Step 4

Another useful exercise for improving the shape of the face: stick your thumb behind the cheek, pressing it against the gum, and pull the cheek slightly from the inside. While straining your muscles, try to stretch your cheek back towards the gum. Do the same exercise for the left side of the face.

Step 5

To add elasticity to your cheeks, do this exercise: imagine that you have a ball of air behind your cheek. With the effort of the muscles, roll it in your mouth from one cheek to the other over the upper lip. In this way, you will increase the overall tone of the facial muscles and reduce the swelling of the cheeks.

Step 6

Sometimes thick cheeks are just the specifics of the shape of the face and it can only be corrected by surgery. As a last resort, try hiding full cheeks with accessories or the right hairstyle.

Step 7

If fat deposits are the reason for the appearance of full cheeks, then the problem can be dealt with with the help of a balanced diet and general weight loss. With complex weight loss, it is the face that will become thinner and more graceful in the first place.

Step 8

Another way to remove thick cheeks is to resect Bishat's corpuscles, a simple operation that will reduce the volume of the lower buccal region. As a result, you will get a slightly sunken cheeks and a beautifully defined cheekbone line.