How To Make Your Skin Pale

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How To Make Your Skin Pale
How To Make Your Skin Pale

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Despite the fact that a light tan makes the skin beautiful and healthy-looking, many girls prefer aristocratic pallor. You can achieve this effect with the help of cosmetics.

How to make your skin pale
How to make your skin pale


Step 1

Before you decide to make yourself "snow white", think about how you will look with a very pale face. Not everyone can afford "porcelain" makeup. If you have naturally light skin, not dark hair (blond or light blond), gray or blue eyes, you can wear such makeup. But if you have dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes - alas, you will not be a "snow maiden". Although, there are exceptions to every rule. Whiten. However, Europeans have plenty to choose from. So, cleanse the skin and moisturize it well.

Step 2

Apply a foundation lighter than your skin tone all over your face, blend it well.

Step 3

Hide all imperfections with a concealer, bruises under the eyes with a concealer. Pale skin should be perfect.

Step 4

Apply a light brightening translucent powder all over your face to set makeup.

Step 5

Highlight the corner of the eye, under the eyebrow, nose and cheekbones with a powder or cream highlighter. This is necessary for the skin to glow beautifully and look pale, but healthy.

Step 6

With this makeup, the emphasis should be on the tone of the face, and not on the eyes or lips. Therefore, limit yourself to only mascara and lipstick in a light natural shade. Instead of lipstick, you can use a thin layer of foundation to emphasize the whiteness of the face.

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