How To Enlarge The Upper Lip

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How To Enlarge The Upper Lip
How To Enlarge The Upper Lip

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Beauty, as it is often said, requires sacrifice, but not every woman agrees to lip augmentation with injections of various fillers. For those who want to visually enlarge the upper lip, methods and means that do not require the intervention of cosmetologists and the use of frightening medical instruments are quite suitable.

How to enlarge the upper lip
How to enlarge the upper lip


Step 1

Of course, in order to correct the volume of only the upper lip, you can consult a specialist. This procedure is fast enough, but there are still questions of aesthetics. Women can rejoice in perfect shape for hours, while men will scornfully grimace and choose women, albeit with narrow, but natural lips.

Step 2

To naturally plump up your lips and keep them healthy, do lip exercises every day. All exercises are based on intense lip movement with muscle tension. Snort, show an animal grin, lifting your upper lip as much as possible, whistle, blow fluff from an imaginary dandelion, pronounce the vowels of the alphabet, keeping your lips tense. Exercise 5-6 times for 15 minutes a day. Such exercises can also prolong the youthfulness of your lips.

Step 3

Correctly applied makeup will visually make the upper lip fuller and give it additional volume. Apply some foundation on the upper lip to smooth out the color transition. Draw a line just above the natural lip line with a contour pencil, paint over the lips with lipstick up to the line of the contour pencil. Draw a strip of light pencil over the contour line, carefully blend this strip with a brush or fingers. Apply a lighter shade of gloss to the middle of the lip to add volume to the upper lip.

Step 4

Apply a translucent, milky sheen over your regular lipstick to make your upper lip look fuller. Use lipsticks in light shades - they look natural and allow you to better hide the fact that the outline of the upper lip is drawn, and does not follow the natural curves.

Step 5

You can slightly increase the volume of the upper lip using contrasting compresses. Alternately apply a piece of ice and a napkin dipped in hot water 3-4 times to your lip. Massage can also help: Apply some honey to your regular toothbrush and massage your lip for a few minutes. After the massage, cleanse the skin and apply a nourishing balm or cream. Treatments are carried out daily.

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