How To Get Rid Of Red Cheeks

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How To Get Rid Of Red Cheeks
How To Get Rid Of Red Cheeks

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Facial redness is a problem faced by many. Redness of the skin occurs most often on the wings of the nose and cheeks, sometimes on the forehead. Most often, this problem is associated with the fact that the blood vessels in these areas of the face are dilated. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the malfunction of the capillaries, allergic reactions or some other diseases. In the last two cases, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

How to get rid of red cheeks
How to get rid of red cheeks


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Redness of the cheeks, associated with a malfunction of the blood vessels, usually occurs in women under the age of forty. Systematic facial flushing is associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nasopharynx or endocrine glands.

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With constant redness of the cheeks, hot baths, baths, facial massage and paraffin masks are contraindicated. You should also avoid eating spicy and hot food and anything that can cause flushing of the face and vasodilation - long-term exposure to the sun, wind or frost, active rubbing of creams into the skin of the face, rubbing with a towel, washing with too cold or too hot water. It is worth limiting the use of hot coffee, tea, cocoa and alcoholic beverages.

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Since the skin of the face is very thin and delicate, you should wipe it with special lotions, apply a greasy cream in winter. In cases of such a skin disease, it is necessary to monitor nutrition, follow a diet.

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If the redness of the face has turned into rosacea, and permanent capillary cobwebs appear on the cheeks, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Of course, it is possible to temporarily mask the manifested capillary networks, but in this case, the disease can develop further, capturing more and more areas of the face. Today rosacea can be cured with photoscopy. This procedure is completely painless, its effect is visible immediately, and the duration depends on the size of the reddened area.

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All experts are of the opinion that the disease is better prevented than cured. How to prevent the development of rosacea? In order to protect the skin of your face, you need to take good care of it: in summer, use creams that protect from the sun, in winter, apply fatty creams, wash your face with special lotions and tonics, and also monitor your diet and health.

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