How To Remove Wrinkles On The Bridge Of The Nose

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How To Remove Wrinkles On The Bridge Of The Nose
How To Remove Wrinkles On The Bridge Of The Nose

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One small wrinkle on the face is a signal to fight for youth. Indeed, with age, wrinkles deepen, and their number increases. Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose are one of the first to appear, so you need to approach them thoroughly.

How to remove wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
How to remove wrinkles on the bridge of the nose


Step 1

Wrinkles on the face appear on an individual basis. It can be related to skin type, lifestyle, and facial skin care. If you find that a wrinkle has formed on the bridge of your nose, then try to understand the cause of its occurrence. As a rule, such a wrinkle is mimic. Follow the movement of the eyebrows, forehead. It is possible that you yourself often tense the glabellar muscles, which leads to the appearance of unpleasant wrinkles.

Step 2

To start fighting wrinkles, start with simpler, less costly methods. On oily skin, wrinkles appear later. Try to apply sesame oil to the bridge of your nose as often as possible. Rub it well into wrinkles and after an hour remove the rest with a napkin. Regular mayonnaise is a good remedy. Buy a pack of greasy mayonnaise and wear it overnight. This will help not only eliminate existing wrinkles, but also prevent the appearance of new ones.

Step 3

Don't be lazy to experiment with face masks. Masks based on oils and herbs are very beneficial for the skin, they nourish, moisturize and smooth your face.

Step 4

In addition to nutrition, the skin needs real gymnastics. Several exercises should be done to get rid of the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Place two fingers at the beginning of your eyebrows, closer to the bridge of your nose, and start frowning. Under resistance, your muscles will work better. Repeat the exercise 50 times a day. Place your fingers on your forehead along its vertical line and stretch the skin a little. Then try to frown. Do 15-20 sets. Another easy exercise: move your eyebrows hard, but to avoid wrinkling, press your fingers on the eyebrows. But the pressure doesn't have to be strong. Also repeat 15-20 times.

Step 5

Remember to exercise regularly. Do not be lazy, remember that this is all for the sake of youth and beauty.

Step 6

If you don't want to put in any effort to combat wrinkles, then a Botox injection is the way to go. Botox is a protein-based drug that allows muscles to be relaxed for a long time. Before undergoing the procedure, carefully study all medical clinics, ask friends. This injection is painless and is done every six months. You will see the result in a week.

Step 7

Do not forget that in addition to emergency measures to combat wrinkles, you must monitor your health. Don't smoke, drink plenty of water, and follow a healthy diet. Then youth will adorn your face for many years.

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