How To Lighten Facial Hair

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How To Lighten Facial Hair
How To Lighten Facial Hair

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If facial hair decorates men, then for women facial hair is a real punishment, which is not always easy to get rid of. Among the many more or less available ways to remove facial hair, the most affordable and simplest is hair lightening. After the lightening procedure, the hairs on the face will not be visible, and if you repeat the procedure regularly, they can become thinner and disappear forever.

How to lighten facial hair
How to lighten facial hair


Step 1

You will need a composition for bleaching hair - for such a composition, take a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Soak a cotton swab in peroxide and rub it over your facial hair for five minutes.

Step 2

Use this method with caution if you have very sensitive skin. Soak your hair in hydrogen peroxide every day for an effective treatment.

Step 3

Fresh lemon juice also has a brightening effect. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon, soak a cotton swab in it and, as in the above method, wipe those areas of the skin on the face that you want to get rid of hair.

Step 4

Mix the hydrogen peroxide solution and shaving cream to soften your hair. Place the peroxide cream mask on the desired areas of the face for 20 minutes, then wash thoroughly. Lubricate your face with a protective cream. Repeat the procedure every two to three days, and after a week the hairs on the face will not be visible.

Step 5

Another method of lightening hair is a solution of one tablet of hydroperite, ground into powder, and a few drops of ammonia, as well as a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Stir the mixture and apply to unwanted facial hair. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes, then rinse off and lubricate your face with cream. This composition can be applied to the face no more than once a week.

Step 6

Add half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to a teaspoon of lanolin, mix with 4 drops of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution, and add 2 drops of ammonia, then mix and add half a teaspoon of shampoo. Apply the resulting mixture with a cotton swab to the hairs on the face. After drying, rinse off the ointment and apply a protective cream to your face.

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