How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On The Nose

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How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On The Nose
How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On The Nose

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A pimple on the nose can not only ruin the mood, but also disrupt all plans, because it cannot be masked even with the help of special correctors. You can help get rid of pimples as soon as possible with the help of improvised means.

How to get rid of a pimple on the nose
How to get rid of a pimple on the nose

It is necessary

  • - iodine;
  • - alcohol;
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - cotton pads.


Step 1

Iodine has a warming and absorbing effect, it also kills microbes. Take a cotton swab and lightly moisten it with iodine. Anoint the pimple, and if it is severely inflamed, then hold it for about 1 minute. Don't worry, the brown color will wear off in a few hours. And if the iodine stain remains on the skin, apply a little greasy cream on it, wait a few minutes and wash yourself. Do not use brilliant green, there is little effect from it, but the green spot will show off on your nose for a long time.

Step 2

Ordinary medical alcohol can also help. But if you decide to use it, then dilute with water until about 70% is obtained, otherwise the skin will begin to peel off. Use alcohol in the same way as iodine. But treat inflamed skin several times a day. Within a day, the pimple will begin to dissolve.

Step 3

Calendula has bactericidal properties, so it helps very well to cope with the elimination of acne. Buy a tincture from a pharmacy and wipe it over the affected area of ​​the skin. If the pimple is severely inflamed, apply a compress. Soak a cotton ball in the tincture and apply on the pimple for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a day.

Step 4

Pharmacies also sell special creams that target acne. Ask your pharmacist what product they have available. But do not forget that the cream may not help, it all depends not only on the type of pimple, but also on the individual characteristics of your skin.

Step 5

If all else fails, then use a concealer or foundation. Of course, the pimple will be slightly noticeable, but still not conspicuous. After about 2-3 days of regular use of the funds, not only the redness will subside, but also there will be no trace of the pimple. Only regular skin cleansing will save your nose from acne infestation.

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