How To Quickly Remove Acne From The Face

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How To Quickly Remove Acne From The Face
How To Quickly Remove Acne From The Face

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It so happens that a meeting is scheduled or a date is planned, or the time is right for a solemn event. You are ready, but as luck would have it, a pimple appears in the most conspicuous place, which spoils the whole impression. And the search for a solution to this problem begins as soon as possible.

How to quickly remove acne from the face
How to quickly remove acne from the face

It is necessary

  • -chamomile;
  • -the queue;
  • -calendula;
  • -alcohol;
  • -zinc ointment;
  • - rosemary herb.


Step 1

Make a steam bath by adding various herbs to it: chamomile, string or calendula. Steam softens the skin well, expands the pores. It is much easier and faster to remove acne on a steamed face. And the traces of removal will be almost invisible.

Step 2

After the steam bath, dry your face well with a paper towel and determine where the pimple is at its ripening stage. If it is dark burgundy with a conical shape and is clearly defined on the face, you can safely squeeze it out along with the root. If you don't do this properly, to the end, and do not extract all the white contents that were under the skin, then tomorrow a new pimple will appear on this place.

Step 3

Don't push too hard. Otherwise, marks will remain on the skin. If the pimple is ripe, then it should be squeezed out easily. Check if the root has come out completely. This is evidenced by the appearance of a drop of clean, scarlet blood at the site of the pimple.

Step 4

Treat the wound with an alcohol solution. This will help prevent infection.

Step 5

If the pimple is not yet ripe, apply an alcohol compress overnight. It draws out pus perfectly. Soak a cotton pad with 90% medical alcohol, apply to the pimple and fix with adhesive plaster. In the morning, the inflammation will decrease, and the swelling and redness will disappear without a trace.

Step 6

Treat pimples with a zinc-based ointment. Squeeze a few drops of the product onto your finger, and liberally lubricate the pimple and the inflamed area around it. Repeat the procedure 6-8 times during the day.

Step 7

Wipe the inflamed area with rosemary broth. Take a tablespoon of dry herb with flowers, pour half a glass of boiling water. With this simple method, you will get rid of acne in a very short time.

Step 8

All of the above recipes are effective only when acne appears on the face or body rarely and in a single amount. If you suffer from constant skin rashes, then be sure to consult a dermatologist. After all, such acne can signal endocrine system diseases or liver problems. Your doctor will prescribe special treatments for you to rebalance your body.

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