How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

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How To Remove Upper Lip Hair
How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

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Everyone has hair on their bodies. It is simply an integral part of a person, which has its own purpose. Most women do their best to get rid of this hair. Especially when it comes to the hair on the upper lip.

How to remove upper lip hair
How to remove upper lip hair


Step 1

You can easily get rid of upper lip hair with simple tweezers. Pull the skin over your lip taut enough. Pinch one hair with tweezers. Then pull sharply. Do this with each hair separately. This method is recommended for those women who do not have too abundant vegetation above the lip. The main advantages of this method: simplicity, low cost.

Step 2

A more gentle way is to use a razor. Remove hairs carefully so as not to cut yourself. It is also worth noting that despite the speed and simplicity of this method, your antennae will become darker, thicker and thicker.

Step 3

Depilatory cream can help remove hair above the upper lip. Choose only a product that is designed specifically for the face. Use it strictly according to the instructions.

Step 4

Another very effective way to get rid of unwanted hair is to use wax. Spread it over the upper lip. Apply a thin strip of cloth to the wax. Press down so that it adheres completely. Then, to remove the hair, simply pull it off quickly. You can carry out this procedure not only at home, but also in many beauty salons with professionals.

Step 5

If you have the desire and the means, then you can get rid of unwanted hair above the upper lip forever. To do this, it is enough to go through an expensive and very painful procedure in a specialized salon. Nowadays such methods as electrolysis and laser hair removal have become very common. In the first case, a small needle is inserted into the hair follicle. After that, a current is passed through it. As a result, the hair root is destroyed. In the second case, a laser acts on the hair follicle, due to which the subsequent growth of the hair stops.

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