How To Quickly Remove A Pimple

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How To Quickly Remove A Pimple
How To Quickly Remove A Pimple

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A pimple that suddenly appears can ruin not only your appearance, but also your mood. However, you can get rid of this problem. Of course, in a few minutes the annoying bump will not disappear, but it is within your power to make it less noticeable and remove the inflammation. Stock up on special products and a suitable make-up - a pimple that appears will have no chance.

How to quickly remove a pimple
How to quickly remove a pimple

It is necessary

  • - tonic;
  • - drying lotion;
  • - a solution of ammonia;
  • - Toothpaste;
  • - baby powder;
  • - dense corrector;
  • - medicated plasters and a pencil.


Step 1

If you find a painful swelling on the skin, take action. The main thing is to catch the initial stage of development of subcutaneous inflammation. Thoroughly cleanse your face of makeup, wash with a soft moisturizing foam or gel.

Step 2

Wipe the skin with a toner, and the problem area with a drying lotion with thirty percent alcohol. A 0.5 percent solution of ammonia works well. Soak a cotton swab in it and apply to the site of the alleged inflammation for a few seconds. For preventive purposes, this solution can be used to wipe the entire face except for the area around the eyes.

Step 3

Apply a cream, paste or gel to the affected area at night, designed to quickly eliminate acne. This product can be purchased at a pharmacy. The composition of medicinal gels and creams includes tea tree oil, alcohols, zinc paste, camphor and other antiseptics. Leave the product overnight. By morning, the inflammation will subside and, possibly, completely disappear.

Step 4

Medicinal plasters impregnated with a drying lotion also work very well. Take the patch out of the package, peel off the protective film and attach it to the pimple by smoothing it out with your fingers. Leave it on your skin for a few hours or overnight. Remove the patch in the morning. If your skin is red, rub it with a mild toner.

Step 5

If there are no medications at hand, use the means at hand. Washing with cool water and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice will help reduce the alkaline reaction of the skin.

Step 6

The affected area can be lubricated with a solution of baking soda or toothpaste with the addition of baking soda. Those who have sensitive skin prone to redness should be careful with the last recipe. Keep the dried paste for about half an hour, after which you can rinse it off and apply a new portion. Repeat the procedure until the pimple disappears completely.

Step 7

If there are traces of inflammation on your face, mask them with cosmetics. Apply a light moisturizer or gel to your skin. Apply a layer of corrector to the affected area or use a special tint pencil with tea tree oil. Drive in gently with your fingertips. Redness is a good camouflage for foundations with a yellow undertone.

Step 8

Powder your skin gently, being careful not to damage your makeup. Instead of powder, you can use drying baby powder. When applying makeup on inflamed skin, avoid using brushes or sponges so as not to provoke the formation of new acne.

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