What To Do If Your Face Sweats A Lot

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What To Do If Your Face Sweats A Lot
What To Do If Your Face Sweats A Lot

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Excessive sweating always creates great inconvenience for the person suffering from it. What to say about when sweat streams not only down the armpits and back, but also down the face? It is especially difficult in this case for women. This is a blurry makeup, the appearance of acne and the very fact of a little aesthetic "flowed" face. In fact, the issue of facial hyperhidrosis is solved by certain methods.

What to do if your face sweats a lot
What to do if your face sweats a lot

Why does facial sweating occur?

In the event that sweat streams down your face even when it is cool enough outside, it is recommended to see a doctor, therapist or endocrinologist. The fact is that sudden acute sweating can occur in the presence of some serious diseases of the body.

Stress, unexpected excitement, for example, before passing an exam or a date, can cause increased sweating not only under the armpits or all over the body, but also the face can "suffer" from nervous shocks.

Hot weather also contributes to increased sweating, and in the face area as well. In this case, several methods of dealing with this unpleasant problem need to be included in the program for reducing sweating on the face.

Methods to reduce facial sweating

So what to do if you are tired of your face sweating a lot. First, stressful situations should be avoided. This advice is recommended for those individuals who like to be unnecessarily worried before important events in their life.

You can, if you know that a stressful situation is ahead, take a couple of tablets of valerian extract or drink herbal infusions that have a calming effect on the central nervous system. These are motherwort, peony petals, mint, lemon balm, valerian root.

The light herbal soothing will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the sweat glands in the facial area, and it will not sweat as much.

The next step is to affect the pores of your skin. Oak bark, boiled in water for 20 minutes and infused for half an hour, has excellent properties that narrow the pores. With a strained decoction of oak bark, you should wipe or wash your face 2 times a day.

Among the modern cosmetic hardware procedures, there are those that resist the excessive activity of the sweat glands in the armpits, on the back and face.

Infusion of sage as a lotion on the face is also a very powerful way to reduce perspiration. Pour two tablespoons of dry sage herb with two glasses of boiling water, let it brew, strain.

Sage infusion, in addition to rubbing it on the face, will be useful to drink half a glass twice a day to reduce hyperhidrosis of the whole body.

Make ice cubes with chamomile tea, oak bark, or sage tea. Rub your face quickly with cubes in the morning. Then blot it with a paper towel. This method significantly narrows the pores of the face, hardens and tones the skin.

Additional Tips

There are special cosmetic antiperspirants without fragrance that you should use to wipe your face. However, their protective properties are not enough for a long time. Therefore, they can only be used for a while. But do not forget about the methods mentioned above. They are much more effective than modern cosmetics.

If sweat is running hard on your face from your temples and from your forehead, wear a moisture-absorbing bandage on it. The dressing can be terry, matching in color with your clothes. Or sewn from dryline material, which retains moisture much longer than terry cloth.

If you sweat heavily, you should carry paper napkins and baby talcum powder with which you can blot those areas of the face where beads of sweat appear.

Follow a diet for excessive facial sweating. Eating the right diet will reduce sweating. Eliminate spicy foods, flour, sweet foods from the diet. Also try at least temporarily not to drink coffee, cocoa, tea, hot chocolate.It is possible that these particular foods and drinks on your menu are causing excessive facial sweating.

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