How To Remove Bags Under The Eyes At Home

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How To Remove Bags Under The Eyes At Home
How To Remove Bags Under The Eyes At Home

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Puffiness of the skin under the eyes not only indicates a failure in certain systems of the body, but also looks aesthetically unattractive. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of bags under the eyes at home.

Bags under the eyes
Bags under the eyes

The healing power of parsley juice

Parsley juice has unique properties, as the composition of the greens is rich in enzymes and vitamins that improve the regeneration of skin cells and restore optimal blood circulation. For the recipe, purchase a bunch of fresh parsley and crush it with a wooden pestle in a mortar. Pour the released juice into 1 tbsp. homemade sour cream and mix until smooth. Apply to the skin under the eyes, where swelling has formed, and hold for 10-17 minutes. With this mask, you will get an additional moisturizing effect.

Blue clay mask

Blue clay has been known in cosmetology for a long time and is famous for its ability to remove puffiness in a short time. Purchase good quality natural clay from the pharmacy in advance. Then 2-3 tsp. dissolve in 70 ml of water and mix. Let the mask sit for a bit, and then apply to the skin under the eyes. It is not recommended to keep clay on the face for a long time, as there is a possibility of overdrying the upper thin layer.

Homemade vitamin cream

If you want to consolidate a positive result for a long time, then it is better to periodically use an ointment that is easy to prepare at home. Take any greasy cream, add a few drops of liquid vitamins A or E and mix. The cream is applied daily in a thick layer to the area around the eyes.

Additional prevention

Massage with silver spoons is ideal for preventing bags under the eyes. To do this, it is enough to move the chilled spoons along the eye sockets 2-5 times in different directions. Store massage devices in the refrigerator so that you can start the procedure at any time.

The number of courses depends on the individual cold tolerance and the frequency of edema. Also, do not forget to freeze the sage and chamomile decoctions in an ice mold. With the resulting cubes, wipe the skin under the eyes in the morning.

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