How To Oil Your Eyebrows So That They Grow Faster

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How To Oil Your Eyebrows So That They Grow Faster
How To Oil Your Eyebrows So That They Grow Faster

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Beautiful eyebrows make the look expressive and sensual. To keep your eyebrows in good condition, you need to properly care for them. For example, they need to be regularly fed with oils: thanks to this, they will grow faster.

How to oil your eyebrows so that they grow faster
How to oil your eyebrows so that they grow faster

Eyebrow strengthening with oils

Castor, burdock, olive, peach and almond oils have a wonderful effect on the condition of the hair, and in particular of the eyebrows. Castor oil can be used neat. To do this, slightly heat the oil in a water bath and apply it to the hairs for an hour, and then remove the residues with a cotton pad. The recommended frequency of such procedures is 2-3 times a week. And to speed up the growth of eyebrows (eyelashes can also be strengthened with this tool), mix 70 ml of castor oil with 30 ml of aloe juice. The prepared mixture is applied to the eyebrows with a cosmetic brush.

To improve hair color, add a few drops of carrot juice or brewed black tea to castor oil.

Burdock oil is a wonderful tool for accelerating hair growth, but it is better not to use it in its pure form, as an allergic reaction may appear. To prepare a firming eyebrow mask, it is recommended to take 3 drops of burdock oil, 3 drops of camphor oil and the same amount of linseed oil. The components are thoroughly mixed, after which the mixture is slightly heated in a water bath. Apply the mask to the eyebrows and leave overnight. The cosmetic procedure is recommended to be carried out every three days for a month.

Olive oil provides eyelashes, eyebrows and facial skin with the necessary nutrition and hydration. With regular cosmetic procedures, the eyebrows become thicker and grow faster. To enhance the healing properties of olive oil, it is recommended to enrich it with almond, burdock or castor oil. In this mixture, a vitamin E capsule and a fish oil capsule are dissolved. This mixture is applied to the eyebrows at night for 30 days in a row, and then they take a six-month break and continue the cosmetic procedures again.

For greater effect, it is recommended to combine eyebrow masks with a light massage: this procedure will improve blood circulation and nourishment of the hairs.

Jojoba oil is an amazing vegetable oil that has many beneficial properties: it accelerates hair growth, restores hair structure and improves nutrition. For the growth of eyebrows, a cosmetic mixture is prepared, consisting of ¼ tsp. jojoba oil and 1 drop of jasmine, sandalwood or nutmeg essential oil. The mixture is slightly warmed up in a water bath. Next, they smear the eyebrows with an oily mixture, cover them with parchment paper on top and leave the mask for 27-30 minutes.

Features of oil masks for eyebrows and eyelashes

The frequency of cosmetic procedures largely depends on the condition of the eyebrows. For prophylactic purposes, it is enough to apply the mask once a week, but for treatment, the procedure is recommended to be performed daily. The composition is carefully distributed over the hair growth zone, then against their growth, and then again in the direction of hair growth. The cosmetic procedure should be done very carefully so that, through carelessness, the mixture does not get into the eyes. If the eyes are watery and red, the procedure should be discontinued and an eye doctor should be consulted immediately.

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