How To Make Your Face Shine

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How To Make Your Face Shine
How To Make Your Face Shine

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If you look through glossy magazines, you will notice that almost every model has a perfectly even radiant complexion. Of course, with the help of computer programs and spotlights, you can create the effect of glowing skin. However, daily skin care and the right makeup can also add radiance and freshness to your face.

How to make your face shine
How to make your face shine


Step 1

A dull complexion indicates a stressful condition of the skin, a loss of tone, a violation of microcirculation in it. Therefore, the first step is to change your lifestyle. Observe the water-salt balance, drink more water, eat right, take vitamins. Get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air more often and give up bad habits, it's no secret that alcohol and smoking negatively affect the skin condition.

Step 2

You can give your face a natural glow with skin care. Use products that suit your skin type. Remove makeup and impurities from the skin daily with a dedicated cleansing line. Exfoliate dead skin cells twice a week with scrubs. For the face, get a cream that helps remove toxins from the skin and improve the complexion, and for the skin around the eyes, a remedy that fights dark circles and puffiness is ideal. Some brands have facial serums in their cosmetic lines that contain a light-reflecting complex that instantly improves the appearance of the skin.

Step 3

Makeup is a great tool for creating gorgeous glowing skin. First, apply your face cream to make the skin smooth, soft and silky, before starting your makeup. Choose a foundation with reflective particles to create a subcutaneous glow effect. Mask dark circles around the eyes with a concealer, give preference to one that contains a complex of pearls. Also, apply some concealer to the prominent areas of the face: the middle of the chin, cheekbones and areas above the eyebrows. Then use a brush to apply a thin layer of powder with light scattering particles. In make-up, give preference to delicate natural shades.

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