When To Do Face Masks - Morning Or Evening

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When To Do Face Masks - Morning Or Evening
When To Do Face Masks - Morning Or Evening

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Women try to look good and they put a lot of effort into it. Not everyone has the opportunity and time to visit beauty salons, therefore, cosmetic procedures at home are very popular.

When to do face masks - morning or evening
When to do face masks - morning or evening


Step 1

A face mask is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It can be of different effects: rejuvenating, nourishing, cleansing, etc. Depending on the result you want to achieve when applying it, you need to choose the time for this.

Step 2

Some women, trying to save time, make masks when doing household chores - when cooking, cleaning, etc. In fact, the skin must be completely relaxed for the best effect, otherwise the result may not be very noticeable. Therefore, you must try to allocate 15-20 minutes for yourself a couple of times a week to lie down calmly.

Step 3

You should not do masks every day, except for light fruit or vegetable masks. Also, if you are allergic to a product, you should not use it as a component for cosmetic procedures, otherwise, instead of fresh facial skin, you can get Quincke's edema.

Step 4

It is believed that masks should be made according to human biorhythms. According to this theory, in the morning you can do any procedures with the skin, closer to lunch - matting, which remove excess fat: with clay, protein, etc., in the daytime it is better to refrain from any cosmetic manipulations, and in the evening - cleansing and nutritious. Of course, this is not a panacea, and it all depends on the individual characteristics of each person.

Step 5

It is also worth focusing on what the mask itself consists of. Many people like to use different oils to nourish the skin - it is better to do this in the evening, although leaving them overnight, applying instead of a cream, can create a "greenhouse effect" that causes the formation of acne, various inflammations, etc. Better to either use non-greasy oils: almond, etc., or rinse off before bed.

Step 6

In the morning, refreshing invigorating masks go very well, which will give the skin a fresh, rested look. Masks with the use of juice of cucumber, lemon, aloe are perfect, you can also make them based on black or green tea. Some people wipe their skin with ice cubes in the morning, adding herbal decoction of chamomile, string, etc., as well as juice of fruits or vegetables to the water for freezing. However, it should be remembered that ice is not suitable for everyone, and those who have a vascular mesh on their face should refuse it altogether, because this can worsen the condition. Do not use frozen ice on the skin around the eyes. he can hurt her.

Step 7

In hot weather, you should not reload the skin with unnecessary masks and products, because this will prevent her from breathing normally, it is better to do with thermal water. There is no need to go outside immediately after the procedure, especially in frost and wind. And you should not use decorative cosmetics after the mask, you need to wait at least half an hour or an hour. Due to these restrictions, not everyone has time for morning procedures, so the most common use of masks in the late afternoon.

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