Facial Peeling: Types And Mechanisms Of Action

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Facial Peeling: Types And Mechanisms Of Action
Facial Peeling: Types And Mechanisms Of Action

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Facial skin care is one of the most important elements in caring for your appearance. Today, there are quite a few different cosmetic procedures based on a variety of technologies and products. But are all of them safe and effective?

Facial peeling
Facial peeling

The purpose of the peeling is to remove the top layer of the skin. As a result, a rejuvenated face can be obtained, which will give a strong rejuvenating effect to the skin of the face. But the peeling functions don't end there. Any kind of peeling in one way or another injures the skin of the face, but this is not a minus. After the procedure, the skin will strive to repair all damaged cells. At the same time, many useful enzymes responsible for youth will begin to be produced. As a result, after a few tricks, wrinkles will begin to smooth out.

Mechanical peeling

This is one of the most common types of exfoliation. It is based on conventional facial massage. Particles and dead skin begin to scrape off, and a single layer will be affected. Mechanical peels are commonly used at home. For such a case, several types of scrubs were invented, some of them have a creamy consistency, and some, on the contrary, contain seeds of any berries.

Chemical peels

This procedure is practically no different from the one described above. The only colossal difference is that the composition penetrates much deeper into the skin. These peels usually contain acid.

You should not be afraid of dire consequences because their risk is reduced to zero. The only thing that cosmetologists do not guarantee is deep peeling. Due to the fact that the layer of the epidermis is touched, the skin will have to regenerate within one week after the procedure.

Laser peelings

With the help of a laser, you can remove excess moisture from the pores of the skin. After a certain time, it is necessary to remove the appeared dry skin. The depth of laser penetration can be easily adjusted by the beautician. That is why it is an excellent choice over the previous ones.

At an early age, you can do with home peeling without going to cosmetologists. But with age, there is a need to use stronger peels.

You need to remember that you should not overdo it in self-care and do everything wisely. If a woman has any health problems, then it is better to refuse to carry out such procedures. Health is not the only indicator due to which peeling is not recommended. Carrying a baby or while breastfeeding a baby, it is strictly forbidden to carry out any cosmetic procedures.

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