How To Discolor The Antennae Above The Upper Lip

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How To Discolor The Antennae Above The Upper Lip
How To Discolor The Antennae Above The Upper Lip

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Hair above the upper lip can appear not only in the stronger sex, but also in women. If this problem began to bother you, it's time to visit an endocrinologist, and also try to discolor the fluff on your face.

How to discolor the antennae above the upper lip
How to discolor the antennae above the upper lip

Antennae above the upper lip: remove or discolor

There are many ways to remove tendrils above the upper lip, but unfortunately they have a number of contraindications. The cost of the procedures is kept at an affordable level, and they can be carried out in any cosmetology clinic equipped with equipment.

Discoloration of the antennae allows you to visually hide the flaw. In addition, over time, the hairs become thinner and gradually fall out. The procedure has one drawback - it needs to be carried out from time to time. It should be noted that allergic reactions are not excluded in people with a predisposition. Actually, it is worth trying if there is no free time for trips to cosmetology clinics yet.

The method of discoloration of the antennae

If you are used to choosing the easiest ways, then resort to the help of special brightening compositions that can be purchased in stores. The cream will help to quickly and well lighten the antennae, thin them and partially destroy the bulbs. You need to use the funds in strict accordance with the instructions that are attached.

Ready-made brightening formulations are gentle on the skin, rarely cause irritation and other side effects. They are not recommended for use on damaged skin. You need to use creams regularly - one procedure will not be enough.

Use hydrogen peroxide to lighten facial hair. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in the solution, apply to the problem area for 20 minutes. After that, be sure to wash your face and apply a nourishing cream.

Some people find it more convenient to use hydrogen peroxide with shaving cream. In this case, you will need a teaspoon of cream and the same amount of peroxide. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply to the skin. Wash off after 20-30 minutes, if it stings strongly, then immediately.

If you have very coarse hair above your upper lip, add a few drops of ammonia and some liquid soap to a tablespoon of peroxide. Stir and soak a cotton pad in the resulting solution. Apply it to your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes.

If severe irritation occurs, it does not hurt to take an antihistamine tablet and smear the skin with sea buckthorn oil. If symptoms persist within a few days, see a dermatologist for advice. It is undesirable for women with extremely sensitive skin to experiment!

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