What To Do With A Pimple On The Upper Eyelid

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What To Do With A Pimple On The Upper Eyelid
What To Do With A Pimple On The Upper Eyelid

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A pimple on the upper eyelid is a serious problem. It brings not only cosmetic unattractiveness to the face, but is also hazardous to health. All acne treatment actions must be competent so as not to provoke further spread.

What to do with a pimple on the upper eyelid
What to do with a pimple on the upper eyelid

Facial skin requires the most careful care. Even observing all the rules of hygiene, you can face the appearance of acne. Their treatment is different and depends on the location. Pimples on the upper eyelid require special treatment, as they are located on very thin tissue and close to the brain. Therefore, it is important to stop the infection and not allow it to spread deeper.

What is better to do

It is necessary to dry the inflamed pimple. Physiotherapy procedures will come to the rescue. Darsonvalization and quartz treatments can only be directed to a small area of ​​the closed eyelid where a pimple has formed. They will help reduce inflammation, kill bacteria even inside the skin, and prevent the spread of the disease.

You can use ointments with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. A pimple on the upper eyelid should be smeared gently, with a thin layer. It is better to apply with auxiliary means, for example, with a cotton swab. If the ointment is applied with your fingers, then you must first wash your hands thoroughly.

For a speedy recovery and prevention of relapse, you can take restorative pharmacological drugs. Complex vitamins and immunomodulators will work well. Autohemotherapy is often used to treat acne in the face area; it helps fight bacteria that are already in the body. In severe cases, a short course of antibiotics is used. The eyelid has good blood supply, so the effect is noticeable soon.

If there is a need to go outside, you can cover up the pimple on the upper eyelid with dry shadows. Choose a darker color and hide the ailment. It is best to avoid drafts and areas with a high concentration of dust.

To wipe and care for the surface of the affected eyelid, you can use a tonic that has been tested and does not cause allergies. Wipe with a light touch from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose.

What not to do

A pimple on the upper eyelid is not just a cosmetic defect, but a focus of inflammation. In no case should you squeeze it out. When the tissues are squeezed, the integrity of the vessels is violated, the infection quickly spreads through the lymph flow to the neighboring area. The inflammation can reach the lining of the brain.

Do not use compresses. A wet surface will only worsen the situation - there are “kissing” pimples, when one is located opposite the other, then the entire eyelid area becomes inflamed.

If methods from traditional medicine are remembered, then it is more appropriate to use harmless techniques, for example, twist the muzzle of a pimple or wave a cross in front of the eye. It is better to stay inactive, hoping for all the healing power of immunity, than to moisten the pimple of the upper eyelid with broths and infusions. Be careful, if the pimple does not go away for more than 5 days, see your doctor.

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