How To Get Rid Of Flaky Lips

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How To Get Rid Of Flaky Lips
How To Get Rid Of Flaky Lips

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Unlike other parts of the body, there is no natural lubrication on the lips, so the skin in this place can lose moisture in the air, as a result of which peeling and small cracks appear on it. You can remove dry skin of the lips using various methods.

How to get rid of flaky lips
How to get rid of flaky lips

It is necessary

  • - avocado;
  • - cream, cottage cheese;
  • - synthomycin ointment;
  • - lip balm or hygienic lipstick;
  • - honey, butter.


Step 1

If the habit of licking your lips is the cause of dryness, try to get rid of it, otherwise no treatment will help you.

Step 2

Vitamin deficiency can also cause flaky lips. With a lack of vitamins, multivitamin complexes and the consumption of large amounts of fish, nuts, various cereals and vegetables will help.

Step 3

Special masks will help to soften the skin of the lips. Prepare an avocado remedy, for this you need to knead its pulp with a fork to make a gruel, and apply it on your lips for ten minutes. You can also make a mask with cream mixed with cottage cheese.

Step 4

Do not forget to lubricate your lips with balm or cream before going outside, especially in winter. In the summertime, you should use a lip care product that protects from the sun.

Step 5

Improving lip nourishment results in natural hydration. For extra blood flow to your lips, massage with a soft toothbrush once a week.

Step 6

Do not overuse long-lasting lipstick, discard it for the duration of treatment, as such lipstick can remove natural lubrication on the lips. It is much more beneficial to use oily lipstick for dry lips. When staying in the air for a long time, do not forget to take with you hygienic lipstick and lubricate your lips with it. Those ladies who do not like the oily shine left by such products should purchase a water-based lipstick at the pharmacy. As a rule, it does not leave an oily sheen.

Step 7

If, in addition to peeling, burning, blisters and inflammation appear on the lips, then we are talking about herpes. In this case, chapstick will not help. You will have to seek help from a dermatologist, and after the diagnosis is established, proceed with the prescribed drug treatment.

Step 8

The rough skin of the lips and the appearance of "jam" signals the body's reaction to food allergens. Avoid food that causes mechanical or chemical irritation, and try to regularly lubricate your lips with synthomycin ointment. It helps relieve inflammation of the lips.

Step 9

During the day, try to lubricate dry lips with honey or butter, they will become much softer.

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