Cosmetic Applications Of Tea Tree Oil For The Face

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Cosmetic Applications Of Tea Tree Oil For The Face
Cosmetic Applications Of Tea Tree Oil For The Face
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How often do we use natural cosmetic oils? Today I want to share my experience of using tea tree oil in facial care.

tea tree oil
tea tree oil

What are the cosmetic benefits of oil?

Many of the fair sex, of different ages, suffer from various skin rashes, which often leave marks in the form of spots or scars.

Fighting for clean skin, we spend large sums on the purchase of the most popular, expensive products in the hope that any of them will completely eliminate the problem.

But it turns out that everything is simple. It is enough to regularly use tea tree oil, which successfully fights various types of rashes, moreover, does not require large cash costs.

This cosmetic product is unique in its composition. Due to the combination of certain components, it has a beneficial effect on the skin:

  • soothes,
  • takes good care of
  • nourishes,
  • gives an antibacterial effect.

After application, the skin becomes fresh, radiant, rashes disappear without leaving any traces.

Cosmetic essential oil is applied pointwise, in a certain area of ​​the face. It is necessary to drop a little oil on your finger, lubricate the pimple with it. It is necessary to repeat this manipulation five times a day, until the rash disappears.

Compresses will help oily skin. Add lavender and tea tree essential oil (two drops each) to the calendula tincture (1 spoon). Dilute with a glass of water, blot with gauze and apply on face. It is advisable to do this procedure in a course of 20 compresses with an interval of 1-2 days.

A natural home scrub can help fight acne and acne marks. Mix a handful of sugar with honey, avocado oil and tea tree. It is also added to the cleanser.

A mixture of essential compositions of rosehip (10 ml) and tea tree (5 drops) will help get rid of traces of acne, redness. Every day you need to lubricate problem areas with this composition.

Lotion for skin based on tea tree and calendula helps to cleanse well, give freshness to the skin, narrow pores. Calendula flowers must be poured with boiling water (a glass of boiling water - 2 tablespoons of calendula), insist.

Add 5 drops of tea tree cosmetic oil to the resulting infusion. It is enough just to wipe the skin of your face with it after washing your face. Shake well beforehand. Keep refrigerated.

Tea tree oil face masks

Tea tree masks are very useful. They even out the tone, fight imperfections, and restore a healthy complexion. The mask is kept for twenty minutes, then washed off with slightly cool water.

A yogurt mask, which is prepared on the basis of low-fat yogurt and three drops of oil, will be no less useful. The components must be thoroughly mixed, the resulting composition is applied over the entire face area.

For oily skin, you can try a moisturizing face mask based on cosmetic jojoba and tomato oils. Grind the tomato pulp well, add jojoba (a teaspoon) and tea tree (four drops). Apply all over the face. Keep 10 minutes.

To avoid unpleasant and even to some extent dangerous consequences, it is necessary to take into account the rules for the use of essential oils:

  • This product is usually quite concentrated, so it is not used in its pure form. In extreme cases, it is applied pointwise to the affected areas of the skin;
  • Dosed in drops;
  • It must be stored in a dark glass bottle away from high temperatures;
  • Do not take internally!

It is worth asking about the contraindications that this remedy has.

These include:

  • individual intolerance;
  • period of pregnancy;
  • recently transferred TBI;

In addition, it is worth observing precautions, namely, to avoid getting the oily agent on the mucous membranes (eyes, oral cavity).

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