Ozone Therapy As A Way To Rejuvenate The Face

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Ozone Therapy As A Way To Rejuvenate The Face
Ozone Therapy As A Way To Rejuvenate The Face

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The properties of ozone have been studied for a long time. At the moment, this gas is widely used in alternative medicine and is the main component of such a method of skin rejuvenation as ozone therapy. Ozone is able to normalize blood circulation and blood coagulation, dilate blood vessels and restore oxygen transport.

Ozone therapy as a way to rejuvenate the face
Ozone therapy as a way to rejuvenate the face

Features and types of ozone therapy

There are many types of health therapy, each of which has its own characteristics and indications for use. Facial skin rejuvenation, as a rule, is carried out by injections, applying special mixtures to the skin, which include ozone, as well as by rejuvenating applications.

The most painless methods of facial skin rejuvenation using ozone are applications and compresses. In this case, the surgical effect on the skin is completely absent. The skin is treated with special compounds, thanks to which fine wrinkles are smoothed out, and firmness and elasticity return.

Ozone can be toxic if inhaled. However, in ozone therapy, this gas is not used in its pure form and is injected exclusively with the help of special devices, due to which it does not have a harmful effect on the body.

The injection method of ozone therapy is a rather complicated procedure and is accompanied by a certain course of rehabilitation. Before the start of the operation, problem areas of the skin are treated with anesthetic drugs. Then a special composition based on ozone is injected into the epidermis using a set of needles located on the ozonator nozzle.

Despite the fact that ozone therapy is always accompanied by the preliminary administration of painkillers, it is extremely difficult to call this procedure painless. Ozone rapidly spreads throughout all layers of the epidermis, which causes unpleasant or even painful sensations. In addition, after the operation, as a rule, swelling persists for several days on the face, and the treated skin areas may differ in a whitish tint. A similar effect passes completely after two to three days.

Skin rejuvenation with ozone therapy can be carried out as a single operation, or carried out in a complex manner. The main criterion in this case is the degree of skin aging. After the ozone therapy sessions, external skin changes are almost immediately observed - mimic wrinkles disappear, elasticity appears and the complexion changes. The skin looks healthy and smooth.

With the help of ozone therapy, you can not only slow down the aging process of the skin, but also get rid of many defects - acne, blackheads, acne, scars and scars.

Indications and contraindications for ozone therapy

Facial skin rejuvenation is recommended only if there are appropriate indications. Ozone therapy in this case is no exception. Oxygen treatments are prescribed, as a rule, when there are the first signs of skin aging - edema, flabbiness, the appearance of mimic and fine wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and fatty deposits.

Please note that if certain factors are present, no experienced specialist will prescribe ozone therapy. Contraindications in this case include, for example, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, the presence of diseases of the endocrine system and cancer. In addition, some people may have an individual intolerance to ozone, so the examination must be done. Otherwise, instead of skin rejuvenation, you will end up with serious health problems.

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