How To Care For The Skin Under The Eyes

How To Care For The Skin Under The Eyes
How To Care For The Skin Under The Eyes

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The skin under the eyes is demanding, dries quickly and is easily irritated. However, proper care can leave it well hydrated, without shadows or visible wrinkles.

How to care for the skin under the eyes
How to care for the skin under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest, the lipid layer does not protect it, so it ages faster. Sleepless nights, hours spent at the computer, or mistakes in grooming leave their mark on her. Fortunately, there are ways to help solve problems and reverse the effects of cosmetic sins.

Removing makeup

Perfect removal of cosmetics is a prerequisite for proper care. If this is neglected, mascara and eyeshadow residues can irritate the conjunctiva and eyelids at night and also inhibit skin regeneration. There are various formulations for removing makeup: biphasic and micellar lotions. Their task is to remove makeup and remove irritation at the same time.

Apply a dampened cotton pad to the eyelid and lashes, wait a few seconds and gently move it from the outer to the inner corner of the eye - do not rub or stretch the skin. Repeat until the eyelid is completely clear. If you are using a gel or foam that you use to wash not only your eyes, but your entire face, apply the cosmetic product to damp skin, massage gently, and finally rinse.


Apply eye cream to clean skin. Such cosmetics have a very light consistency and are quickly absorbed. She is usually also devoid of fragrances, because in this place the sensitivity of extremely delicate skin can increase. Instead, they contain vitamins and plant extracts that provide long-lasting hydration, improve microcirculation, stimulate collagen synthesis, and soothe irritations.

In the evening, you can apply a slightly thicker layer of cream under the eyes - it will act as a moisturizing and nourishing mask overnight. Be careful not to stretch the skin - it is best to apply the cream to your fingertips and stroke it from the outside to the inside of the eye.

Hide shadows

Shallow vascularization of the skin under the eyes causes ugly bruising, which is most often hereditary. Likewise, hyperpigmentation, that is, excessive production of melanin (skin pigment), which results in the skin around the eyes darker than the rest of the face. How to deal with such problems? There are special cosmetics that can help you with this.

Eye creams based on vitamins (mainly vitamin C and vitamin K) with added caffeine or plant extracts are ideal - they improve microcirculation and elasticity of blood vessels, make them contract, prevent swelling and brighten shadows. It is important to use them regularly and not be discouraged by the lack of immediate effects - you will definitely notice them after a few weeks.

Quick rescue

Dark circles that appear after a poor night's sleep … Red eyes after a long time at the computer … Dry skin where wrinkles are more visible … You can quickly deal with each of these problems. Reach for cosmetics for special tasks. This can be, for example, collagen eye patches or soaked in plant extracts with strong moisturizing and relaxing properties.

Cosmetics containing components for microcirculation, which have a ball-shaped applicator, provide an excellent and quick effect - it provides a relaxing feeling of coolness during a light massage around the eyes. It is worth chilling such a cosmetic product for a few minutes before using it in the refrigerator, because this way you will also shrink the vessels. Gel patches work the same way if you've chilled them in the freezer before.

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