How To Choose A Face Mask

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How To Choose A Face Mask
How To Choose A Face Mask

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Cosmetologists recommend using face masks 1-2 times a week, at any age.

Mask for the face
Mask for the face

The concentration of active substances in the mask is much higher than in a regular cream. Face masks, as a rule, contain 2 types of substances: the first are active ingredients, the second are auxiliary. They ensure the penetration of active substances into the deep layers of the skin.

The active ingredients include: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, plant extracts, vitamins, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

Dividing masks by age

  • Young skin usually does not need to tighten wrinkles, but only hydration and nutrition. Collagen masks with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts are suitable for her.
  • From 25 to 40 years old, it is recommended to use placental face masks. At this age, fine wrinkles already appear, the elasticity of the skin decreases. The mask restores elasticity to the skin, tones, moisturizes, improves complexion, smoothes wrinkles.
  • After 40 years, the aging of muscle tissue occurs, it is replaced by fat, collagen and elastin fibers are stretched, the skin loses its elasticity, a second chin appears. For this age, it is recommended to use placental-collagen masks and masks with a lifting effect.

Types of face masks

The main types of face masks are: cream, cloth, clay-based masks and alginate masks.

  • Creamy face masks are the most common option for both salon and home care. But if you really want to improve the condition of your skin, it is better to use professional or pharmacy cosmetics.
  • Cloth face masks are very good. They are simple and easy to use. This mask is always fresh, as it is vacuum sealed.
  • Clay masks and alginate masks have been gaining popularity lately. Both options are quite active on the skin. Can be used in both home and salon skin care.

Manufacturers are trying to reduce the exposure time of the mask. There are face masks that are applied for 15 - 40 minutes, and there are those that are enough to withstand 3 - 5 minutes. It is convenient, you can quickly put your face in order before any significant event. However, one must keep in mind: the shorter the exposure time of the mask, the shorter its effect lasts.

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