How To Remove Redness Of The Skin

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How To Remove Redness Of The Skin
How To Remove Redness Of The Skin

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Facial redness can be caused by many different reasons, from excessive sun exposure to frostbite or acne spots. Redness can be caused by impaired blood circulation in the skin or the influence of external stimuli.

How to remove redness of the skin
How to remove redness of the skin


Step 1

As soon as you notice redness, immediately apply a relaxing cream. In the event that it has arisen due to sunburn, use a cream not only with a relaxing, but also a moisturizing and cooling effect.

Step 2

In case of sunburn or sunburn, the skin can also be lubricated with potato juice or sour milk. Starch, which needs to be applied to the skin several times a day, helps a lot. You can also use a compress made from aloe juice, strong black tea, or chamomile infusion. By the way, aloe is a universal remedy for skin redness, that is, it can be used with any irritating factor. In the event that a chemical agent is the cause of skin redness, immediately rinse your face with warm running water.

Step 3

If dilated blood vessels become the cause of redness, drop eye drops on the problem area. If irritation is caused by acne, use special point remedies to combat them, which are available in a large assortment in stores.

Step 4

To hide the redness of the skin, it is important and correct to choose the color of the clothes. Keep in mind that choosing clothes in delicate, pastel colors will draw unwanted attention to your face. In addition, you should avoid red, as well as some shades of green. Until you get rid of the redness of the skin of the face, you need to choose colors such as black, purple, dark brown.

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