How To Quickly Relieve Redness

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How To Quickly Relieve Redness
How To Quickly Relieve Redness

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Facial redness and acne are cosmetic imperfections that appear on the wings and bridge of the nose, cheeks, and sometimes on the forehead. In most cases, redness is associated with the appearance of a network of dilated skin vessels on the face. Temporary redness can be caused by exposure to too low or high temperatures or chemicals. You can also relieve redness at home.

How to quickly relieve redness
How to quickly relieve redness

It is necessary

  • - green camouflage pencil;
  • - lotion;
  • - tonic;
  • - concealer;
  • - masking green powder;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - medical paraffin;
  • - cinnamon;
  • - honey;
  • - essential oil of cinnamon;
  • - clay;
  • - powder.


Step 1

To quickly remove redness from acne, use a green camouflage stick. Before applying it, thoroughly cleanse the skin, wipe it with lotion (you can also use a toner).

Step 2

Apply a spotting stick to the inflamed areas. After that, gently blend the pencil, and apply foundation on top. As a rule, the foundation is selected one tone lighter than the natural skin tone.

Step 3

If you have a lot of red spots on your face, use concealer green powder. Apply it to areas of red acne and blemishes. Apply a flesh-colored powder on top (apply in several coats until you have completely masked the green color of the previous powder).

Step 4

You can remove redness with a special mask. Mix equal proportions of cinnamon and honey, then apply the resulting mixture to red areas of the skin and keep for twenty minutes. To obtain the maximum effect, such a mask should be applied for 10-14 days in a row.

Step 5

A clay mask (white or green) quickly relieves redness. To make such a mask at home, dilute the clay with water until it is creamy and add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to it. Apply this mask to reddened areas.

Step 6

Redness can be removed with medical paraffin. To do this, melt the paraffin, dip cotton swabs in it and apply the paraffin to the reddened areas. When the paraffin has cooled down, remove it, and then lubricate the red areas with a cream containing vitamins E and A.

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