How To Reduce The Size Of Your Face

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How To Reduce The Size Of Your Face
How To Reduce The Size Of Your Face

There are ladies who fundamentally do not like the shape or shape of their faces. Fortunately, using certain techniques, you can bring the visual image closer to the ideal. Makeup, hairstyle and a variety of accessories will help you with this.

How to reduce the size of your face
How to reduce the size of your face

It is necessary

  • - powder of dark and light tones;
  • - highlighter;
  • - blush.


Step 1

If you want to visually narrow a round face, apply a shade darker than your usual color on the areas on the sides of the face from the temples down to the chin. You can also darken them with bronzing powder. But highlight the middle part of the face (the space above the eyebrows, cheekbones and chin) with a highlighter. On the cheekbones, apply blush so that a "tick" (cheekbone-chin-cheekbone) is formed, stretched out to the corners of the mouth. Thoroughly blend the boundaries of the application. Make the eyebrows thin at the edges and thicker in the middle to create a "kink". For eye makeup, ditch the arrows. It is recommended to highlight the lips only in the middle part. The corners of the mouth should be less brightly colored.

Step 2

For a square face, use the same techniques as for a round face. Additionally, you need to soften the jawline. To do this, tint the corners of the lower jaw with dark powder. Highlight the cheekbones with a dark blush. To do this, apply them to the middle part of the cheekbone, blend to the temples and a little wide. The shape of the eyebrows should follow the shape of the eyes. Outline the lips with a pencil completely, up to the corners of the mouth. Lipstick can be rich in color, but not bright.

Step 3

If you have chubby cheeks, you will need powder one shade darker than your usual color, or bronzing powder and blush in a light shade to mask this deficiency. In front of the mirror, pull your cheeks inward. Apply a dark tone to the dimples that have formed. And on top of the cheekbones, apply blush. This will visually lift the cheekbones.

Step 4

You can also disguise flaws with hairstyles. For a round face, hairstyles (voluminous on top) or styling from curly hair that cover the cheekbones will be especially good. Small curls or a ponytail are also good. Choose an asymmetrical haircut with long beveled bangs. With a heavy lower jaw, the bulk of the hair should be concentrated in the neck area. A short haircut with a clear structure, in which the hair is shortened towards the back of the head, is also suitable. And no "flying" hairstyles.

Step 5

The shape of the face is visually corrected by earrings in the form of pendants or simply elongated. Beads and other neck decorations should also be elongated. To visually stretch your facial features, choose glasses that are the same width as your face. You can even choose a slightly angular model. But with a square face, glasses should not be very wide. Rounded models with accents at the edges are preferred.

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