Home Cosmetics: Parsley Face Mask

Home Cosmetics: Parsley Face Mask
Home Cosmetics: Parsley Face Mask

Video: Home Cosmetics: Parsley Face Mask

Video: Home Cosmetics: Parsley Face Mask
Video: Parsley Face Cream - Rejuvenate 10 years in 1 Week - Skin Repair Cream ​ #Wrinklefree #antiaging 2023, December

Homemade masks made from natural ingredients are very popular: they are easy to prepare, safe and effective. For example, a parsley-based cosmetic product can be used for facial care.

Home cosmetics: parsley face mask
Home cosmetics: parsley face mask

Parsley is rightfully considered a "golden reserve of vitamins". Its chemical composition contains thiamine (relieves inflammation), potassium (moisturizes the skin), phosphorus (whitens age spots), ascorbic acid (fights wrinkles), etc.

Whitening, toning, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and refreshing masks are prepared from parsley. This aromatic herb works great for both young and mature skin.

The only contraindication to using a parsley face mask is individual intolerance.

For oily skin, a mask is prepared according to the following recipe, for which you need:

- 2 tbsp. natural yogurt;

- 1 tbsp. chopped parsley.

A mixture of these components is applied in a thick layer to cleansed skin for 18-20 minutes. Wash off the nutritious gruel with cool boiled water. The cosmetic mixture prepared according to this recipe not only removes excess fat and normalizes the sebaceous glands, but also whitens the skin, "muffling" the natural brightness of freckles.

To moisturize and nourish dry skin, it is recommended to use a mask made from:

- 150 g of parsley;

- 1, 5-2 tbsp. homemade sour cream.

The aromatic herb crushed into gruel is mixed with sour cream. Then apply a pasty mass to the cleansed face and leave the mask for 13-15 minutes. Wash off the cosmetic with warm water.

A parsley mask has a rejuvenating effect. To prepare it, you need to take:

- half a grapefruit;

- 3 tbsp. chopped parsley;

- 4 tablespoons oatmeal;

- 1 tbsp. olive oil or wheat germ oil.

The oatmeal is ground into flour, and the juice is squeezed out of the half of the grapefruit. Then all the components are combined, mixed and a mushy mass is applied to the cleansed face. The anti-aging mask is kept for 20-22 minutes, and then washed off with warm boiled water.

Relieves puffiness, removes dark circles under the eyes, and also smoothes crow's feet mask made of the following components:

- 2 tsp sour cream;

- 1 tsp chopped parsley leaves.

The mixture prepared from these components is applied to the skin of the eyelids and the top is covered with a wet cotton pad. After 15-17 minutes, wash with warm water.

It is recommended to wipe the face daily with cosmetic ice made from parsley juice diluted with water (1: 1 ratio) or a decoction of aromatic herbs.

For facial skin care, not only fragrant parsley leaves are used, but also the root of this plant. So, a decoction is prepared from the root of parsley, which has a strong whitening effect. To prepare this "elixir" you need to take:

- 1 tbsp. crushed root;

- 200 ml of water.

The root is poured with boiling water and the mixture is brought to a boil, then the dishes with the broth are removed from the heat and the product is left to cool (while the container should be covered with a lid). Next, filter the broth. The finished cosmetic product can be used as a tonic, make compresses (they are left for 7-10 minutes), and also add to masks. The result is noticeable already after the first procedures: the skin becomes whiter and softer.