How To Get Rid Of Dry, Rough Elbows

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How To Get Rid Of Dry, Rough Elbows
How To Get Rid Of Dry, Rough Elbows

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For dry, rough elbows, folk methods - baths and masks - help well. Additional recommendations for the care of elbows, the use of nourishing creams will not be superfluous.

How to get rid of dry, rough elbows
How to get rid of dry, rough elbows

Elbow baths

Two effective baths can be distinguished. One of them is based on soap and soda, the other is based on starch. In order to prepare the first recipe, you need to take soapy water and fifty grams of baking soda. The elbows should be lowered into the resulting solution for ten minutes, then removed and treated with a pumice stone. Then you need to grease them with cream. Next, you need to lower your elbows again into the same solution and lubricate with cream. This procedure can be done once a week.

A starch bath is prepared on the basis of a glass of water and a teaspoon of starch. After the starch dissolves in a given volume of water, you need to dilute the resulting composition with another liter of liquid. In order for the elbows not to itch, and their skin becomes soft, you should keep the elbows in this composition for five to ten minutes, then rinse them with water and grease the nourishing fatty cream well.

Elbow masks

To keep the skin dry, it is important to properly soften it. For this, you can use orange juice mixed with vegetable oil. The ratio of these parts is taken one to one. Such a compress should be applied to the skin for half an hour, for this it is best to use a cotton pad.

A mask based on the use of warm boiled potatoes and honey will help to make the skin of the elbows softer. It is enough to mix these ingredients and apply the mask to the skin for twenty minutes.

For dry and rough skin, it is effective to use onion porridge. It is very simple to make such a mask: onion porridge must be applied to the elbow and secured with a plaster. The duration of the compress is twenty minutes, after which you should remove the rough skin with a pumice stone and apply vegetable oil or oily cream.

To get rid of peeling and cracks, you can make compresses from sour cream or vegetable oil. You need to lubricate your elbow with one of these ingredients and cover everything with gauze. After fifteen minutes, the mask can be washed off with water.

Additional recommendations

In addition to using traditional methods, it is important to follow some simple recommendations. For example, you should stop leaning on your elbows or do it as little as possible. You should also wash yourself with glycerin soap and avoid wearing synthetic clothing. During the shower, you can use a body scrub and use it to remove dead cells on the elbows, after which it is advisable to lubricate this place with a nourishing cream.

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