How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows

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How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows
How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows

Video: How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows

Video: How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows
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The dry skin of the elbows does not give its owner any special problems, but it looks unattractive, especially in summer, when it is impossible to mask this shortcoming with long sleeves. Over time, painful and deep cracks may appear on the hardened areas, reminiscent of themselves with awkward movement. Give your elbows tenderness and softness in simple ways.

How to get rid of dry elbows
How to get rid of dry elbows

It is necessary

  • - coltsfoot, linden, chamomile or calendula;
  • - olive oil;
  • - kefir, citrus juice or rice broth;
  • - fine salt;
  • - cream;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon juice.


Step 1

People who have already faced a similar problem in their lives know firsthand that getting rid of keratinized skin can be done with ordinary pumice. But this method is the shortest path to the appearance of cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the solution of the problem in a comprehensive manner, remembering that mechanical methods of removing keratinized particles of the epidermis can only aggravate the situation.

Step 2

It is advisable to use plant-based products containing the necessary complex of trace elements to combat dry skin on the elbows. It is possible that the roughness of the skin is caused by a lack of vitamins C and A. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is necessary to use herbal decoction baths. Mother and stepmother, linden flowers, chamomile, nettle and calendula are perfect for this. Pour four tablespoons of one of the listed herbs with two liters of water, put on fire and bring to a boil. Then strain the broth and divide in two. Lower your elbows, the liquid should cover the problem areas. Steaming time is twenty minutes.

Step 3

After finishing the procedure, pat your elbows dry with a soft towel. Heat some olive oil in a water bath (the oil temperature should not exceed 40 ° C), rub it in a circular motion into the steamed skin of the elbows. The course of restoring the softness and elasticity of the skin on the elbows is at least ten days.

Step 4

Folk remedies for getting rid of dry elbows suggest using kefir, cabbage or grapefruit juice, sour cream or rice decoction. Soak cosmetic discs in one of the listed products, apply to dry elbows for fifteen minutes, fix with a bandage. You can apply lemon wedges to hardened skin. It is not recommended to use citrus juices in case of cracked elbows and scratches.

Step 5

Prepare a moisturizing and nourishing mask at home to remove rough skin on your elbows. Take one teaspoon of fine salt and mix with the same amount of high fat cream (can be substituted with sour cream). Add one teaspoon each of hydrogen peroxide and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix all the components of the mask well, apply to the steamed and exfoliated skin of the elbows. Wrap with cling film and let sit for thirty minutes. Then wash your elbows, wipe dry and brush with a nourishing cream. It is recommended to use this mask every other day. Soon, your elbows will be soft and tender again.