How To Get Rid Of Acne Quickly

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Quickly
How To Get Rid Of Acne Quickly

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Every person probably has acne at least once. There are enough products on the market today, advertising of which promises that by using them, you will achieve that "the skin will always remain clean and beautiful." An infinite variety of folk remedies have also been invented. So how do you figure out what will really help get rid of acne quickly?

How to get rid of acne quickly
How to get rid of acne quickly


Step 1

When you see your reflection in the mirror, "decorated" with a fresh pimple, you are tempted to squeeze it out. Experts advise against doing this. Subsequently, it may become inflamed and become even larger and more noticeable, and a scar may remain in its place. But if you still decide to squeeze out a pimple, then you need to take the necessary precautions.

Step 2

After thoroughly washing your hands and face, you need to treat the pimple and the area around it with alcohol-based lotion or rubbing alcohol.

Step 3

Then, on the tips of your fingers, which you will squeeze out, you need to wind a little bandage or apply a cotton swab to them, so as not to accidentally cut your skin with your nails. And after the procedure, it is imperative to cauterize the wound.

Step 4

Let's move on to cosmetics that will help to quickly remove all acne from the skin and prevent them from reappearing. First of all, you need to purchase some kind of cleanser, which contains salicylic acid, as well as bactericidal substances.

Step 5

It is recommended to wash yourself by specialists a couple of times a day. The result will appear on the third day.

Step 6

Be sure to wipe your face with a special acne cleansing lotion. During the day, a lot of dust settles on the face - these impurities are invisible to the eye, but they mix with natural sebaceous secretions, and the pores on the skin become clogged, which often leads to blackheads and blackheads.

Step 7

Of the folk remedies, clay masks, as well as calendula infusion, are most effective. Best of all cleanses, removes excess oil from the skin, heals small wounds, and also has a drying effect of white and blue clay. Dry clay is mixed with water and applied to the face and, if there are problem areas, to the body. You need to keep the mask for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water. You need to wipe your face with calendula infusion. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Step 8

When your skin is clean and healthy again, you should not immediately stop caring for it. These treatments are great for avoiding new blemishes.

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