How To Relieve Redness After Sunburn

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How To Relieve Redness After Sunburn
How To Relieve Redness After Sunburn

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Bronze skin looks very attractive and seductive, so some people prefer to bask for hours in direct sunlight, covering themselves with an even tan. In such a pursuit of beauty, instead of a gorgeous tan, you can get burns in the form of redness. Try to take action to remove the redness as soon as possible.

How to relieve redness after sunburn
How to relieve redness after sunburn

It is necessary

  • - panthenol;
  • - Rescuer ointment;
  • - aloe;
  • - olive oil;
  • - cream or sour cream;
  • - sea buckthorn juice or oil.


Step 1

Of course, preventing the appearance of redness after sunburn is easier than trying to remove it later. Therefore, it is so important to follow the basic rules of staying in the scorching sun. Always lubricate your skin with high SPF protection before sunbathing. After sunbathing, take a dip and lubricate your skin with a special lotion, cream or milk.

Step 2

To speed up the healing process of sunburn and reduce redness, use the most popular and effective drugs. In the fight against skin redness, pharmaceutical products containing panthenol have become in demand. They have a pronounced cooling effect, promote the restoration and healing of skin cells. These products come in the form of ointments, creams and sprays. It is more convenient to use a spray to treat the whole body. Rescuer ointment is an excellent remedy for sunburn treatment. Its main properties include antibacterial, regenerating, analgesic and soothing effects on the skin.

Step 3

Aloe leaf juice will help to remove redness after sunburn, which contains substances that help relieve inflammation and pain, as well as heal the skin. Cut off a couple of aloe leaves, wash and chop them, squeeze out the juice and lubricate problem areas. If you do not have this miraculous plant at home, then you can buy aloe-based gel or cream at the pharmacy. Use olive oil to combat sunburn. Apply extra virgin olive oil to the affected skin, rub lightly and leave until completely absorbed. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure again.

Step 4

Heavy cream or sour cream perfectly relieves skin redness. Immediately lubricate the skin after taking a shower, you will immediately feel relief, the burning sensation will quickly subside. After an hour, rinse off the sour cream from the body and apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream to which you need to add a little sea buckthorn juice or oil (this berry fights sunburn very well).

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