How To Get Rid Of Scratches

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How To Get Rid Of Scratches
How To Get Rid Of Scratches

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Scratches on the face or body skin leave behind a scar that heals for a long time, and sometimes remains for life. But such unpleasant consequences arise only if the scratch is not treated. With proper treatment, the scar will not form or will be slightly visible for a short period of time.

How to get rid of scratches
How to get rid of scratches

It is necessary

  • -hydrogen peroxide
  • -iodine
  • -alcohol
  • -vatny disks
  • -scrub
  • -regenerating ointment


Step 1

As soon as you accidentally scratch your skin, immediately flush the wound with hydrogen peroxide. When the scratch is deep, try to part the skin slightly and rinse for several times. Rinsing especially thoroughly is necessary if you are scratched by an animal.

Step 2

Take a cotton ball or swab and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Wipe the scratch, or even better, hold it for a few minutes, making a kind of alcohol compress. Be patient, when alcohol is exposed to damaged skin, painful sensations may occur.

Step 3

Treat the scratch with iodine overnight. Just don't spread it too widely, it may not be completely absorbed until the morning. Iodine will not only kill germs, but also dry out the wound. It is undesirable to treat leather with green paint, especially in prominent places. It does not wash off the body for too long, and it does not possess absorbing properties.

Step 4

When a crust forms, do not try to rip it off. If in some places it is not fully formed, and this place is damaged, the width of the scratch will increase, as well as the healing time. Wait until she moves away on her own.

Step 5

Once the scabs have come off, you can start using the medications that dissolve the scar. Buy creams from your pharmacy that contain propolis, celandine, or seaweed. Also suitable are creams containing active ingredients that target the damaged tissue and promote its regeneration. Ask a specialist or pharmacist for advice.

Step 6

Use scrubs or masks with fruit acids. Damaged skin must be regularly cleaned with abrasive particles, this will stimulate the cells, and they will begin to renew, and the scar will dissolve.

Step 7

If the scar remains and nothing helps, the only way out is to visit a beautician. Modern methods of treating scars and scars contribute to the rapid resorption of skin lesions.

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